Our strategic agenda

Focusing on the sustainable growth of shareholder value

Sasol's strategic agenda is our blueprint over the near to medium term to achieve the Group's definition of victory, which is to grow shareholder value sustainably.

In Upstream, our drive to ’deliver low-cost feedstocks in Southern Africa’ is a change from our previous focus on growing related upstream business. This shift places specific emphasis on ensuring continued access to vital natural resources and feedstocks to enable us to sustain and expand our integrated value chain in Southern Africa. Upstream will also focus on ’growing our Southern African upstream resources’ to ensure that we direct our activities towards the region and that we consider a wider range of options to monetise resources for growth.
In Operations, under our foundation pillar, two objectives have been combined, namely ’continuously improving our existing asset base’ and ’maintaining our technological lead’. This is a clear affirmation that our existing operations hold substantial long-term value that requires continuous investment to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our facilities, while minimising our environmental footprint and achieving world-class safety. In addition, we will safeguard our technical prowess by focusing on innovation to ensure our proprietary technologies remain robust and cutting edge. We will also focus on ’driving world-class safe operations to support growth’; an acknowledgment that to remain competitive over the long term, our operations must be outstanding in all respects: safe, reliable and efficient.
The focus in our Energy Business is to ’optimise liquid fuels marketing channels’ and to ’deliver selective GTL opportunities and grow low-carbon power generation’. While we remain optimistic about the longer-term prospects for GTL, in a low oil price environment, we need to narrow our focus on specific opportunities where the technology is robust, rather than accelerate GTL growth, as was the focus previously. Furthermore, in recent years, we have successfully delivered two gas-to-power plants, in Sasolburg in South Africa and Ressano Garcia in Mozambique.
’Drive value chain optimisation’ in our Chemicals Business underscores the work required to ensure that our existing value chains deliver optimal performance through careful portfolio management. The second objective, namely ’drive selective growth based on feedstock, market and/or technology advantage’, under the sustainable growth pillar, is a refinement of a previous objective which focused on growing all value chains. This adjustment highlights that growth in our chemicals portfolio will be selective, and based on clear benefits in feedstocks, markets and technologies.

Suite of reporting publications

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Annual Integrated Report

Our primary annual report to stakeholders.Contains succinct material information and conforms to local and international statutory reporting frameworks.

Annual Financial Statements

Contains a full analysis of the group's financial results, with detailed financial statements, as well as full corporate governance and remuneration reports, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Form 20-F

Form 20-F, our annual report issued in accordance with the Secutities Exchange Act of 1934, which is filled with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), in line with the requirement of our New York Stock Exchange listing.

Annual Integrated Report (Animated)

Our primary annual report to stakeholders. Contains succinct material information and conforms to local and international statutory reporting frameworks.