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ARIZONA: The Tucson alumina manufacturing facility produces both high-purity and ultra-high purity calcined alumina products. Main applications of the products include high-purity ceramics and synthetic sapphire.

LOUISIANA: Lake Charles Chemical Complex and R&D, Westlake, LA

The Lake Charles Chemical Complex has seven manufacturing units situated on approximately 400 acres and employs close to 450 people. Our primary products are used in the cleaning and personal care markets to manufacture ingredients for soaps, detergents, shampoos, cosmetics and more. We also manufacture specialty chemicals used in mild abrasives, thickeners and pharmaceuticals, as well as in the enhanced oil recovery markets.

Our research and development laboratory is located at the Lake Charles Chemical Complex. The R&D laboratory employs approximately 85 scientists, engineers, and technical staff to serve the current and future science needs of the company and is part of the larger Sasol Performance Chemicals R&D function.

Sasol is constructing a world-scale petrochemical complex near our existing site in Southwest Louisiana. The project will roughly triple the company's chemical production capacity in the U.S. and enable it to build on its strong positions in robust and growing global chemicals markets.  Learn more about project progress at SasolNorthAmerica.com.

PENNSYLVANIA: The production facility in Oil City manufactures antioxidants used in a variety of products such as fuels, lubricants, polymers, printing inks, food additives, and pharmaceuticals.

TEXAS: North American Headquarters, Houston, Texas

More than 300 employees handle corporate administrative functions such as customer service; sales and distribution; financing and accounting; legal services; supply chain management; safety, health and environmental;, information management; human resources and public affairs

Greens Bayou Facility, Houston, Texas

The products manufactured at the Greens Bayou facility are used as starting materials in a wide array of chemical intermediates and finished products including resins, wire enamel solvents and antioxidants.

Cresylic acids find uses in resins, solvents, antioxidants, functional fluids, disinfectants, agricultural chemicals and many other chemical intermediates.

Winnie Facility, Winnie, Texas

The Winnie manufacturing facility receives feedstock from the Greens Bayou plant to produce high purity meta cresol and para cresol using a proprietary process.