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Performance Chemicals has locations in Germany, Italy, Slovakia, the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Russia, the US, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, China, Singapore and Japan, including its corporate headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Our business consists of four key business divisions: Organics, Inorganics & Catalyst, Wax and PCASG (Phenolics, Carbon, Ammonia and Speciality Gases). We market a broad portfolio of organic and inorganic commodity and speciality chemicals as well as high quality wax products and speciality gases, for a wide range of applications in the industry. 

Sasol’s Performance Chemicals business unit markets a broad portfolio of organic and inorganic commodity and speciality chemicals. Our business employs about 1300 people in four key business divisions: Organics, Inorganics & Catalyst, Wax and PCASG (Phenolics, Carbon, Ammonia and Speciality Gases). Our offices in 18 countries serve customers around the world with a multi-faceted portfolio of state-of-the-art chemical products and solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Our key products include surfactants, surfactant intermediates, fatty alcohols, linear alkyl benzene (LAB), short-chain linear alpha olefins, ethylene, mineral oil-based and synthetic paraffin waxes, cresylic acids, high-quality carbon solutions as well as high-purity and ultra-high-purity alumina. Our speciality gases sub-division supplies its customers with high-quality ammonia, hydrogen and CO2 as well as liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, krypton and xenon gases. 

Our products are as individual as the industrial applications they serve, with tailor-made solutions creating real business value for customers. Ongoing research activities result in a continuous stream of innovative product concepts that help our customers position themselves successfully in future markets.

Our products are used in countless applications in our daily lives to add value, security and comfort. Typical examples include  detergents, cleaning agents, personal care, construction, paints and coatings, leather and metal processing, hot-melt adhesives, bitumen modification and catalyst support for automotive catalysts and other diverse specialty applications including oil and gas recovery, aroma production, plastic stabilisation, and polymer production. Every day, our researchers explore ways to improve our products and develop innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives.

Performance Chemicals business division profiles

Organics Division
Our Organics Division is a leading global producer of linear alkyl benzene (LAB), fatty alcohols and short-chain linear alpha olefins as well as one of the major surfactant producers in Europe. We offer our customers one of the most diversified portfolios of C6+ alcohols and surfactant derivatives worldwide that is complemented by a range of speciality chemicals including heat-transfer fluids, phase change materials (PCMs) and high-purity triethylaluminium.

Our customers rely on our products as essential ingredients for detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, paints and lacquers, leather and metal processing as well as diverse specialist applications such as oil and gas recovery, aroma production, plastic stabilisation and polymer production where our products serve as co-catalysts.

You will find further information at PROSPECTOR 

Inorganics & Catalyst Division
Our Inorganics & Catalyst Chemicals Division is one of the world’s leading producers of high-purity and ultra-high-purity synthetic speciality aluminas and related products such as silica-aluminas, hydrotalcites and spinels and selected shaped carrier materials for catalytic applications. Our customers value our aluminas for their particularly high level of chemical purity and high dispersibility as well as the fact that key characteristics including pore volume, particle size and specific surface area can be adapted to their specific requirements. Our portfolio comprises more than 400 customised product specifications tailored to our customers’ needs. 

Our products are used in a wide range of applications such as catalyst supports in the automotive industry, in chemical processing and refineries, plastic additives and high-performance abrasives and technical ceramic applications. They also play a vital role in the manufacture of synthetic sapphires for the production of LED lights and scratch-resistant glass for watches, point of sales scanners and consumer electronics. The GTL catalyst business is accountable for the marketing and sales of Sasol’s proprietary alumina based GTL catalyst to our GTL joint ventures.

Wax Division
Our Wax Division develops and produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of mineral oil-based and synthetic paraffin waxes as well as petroleum jellies. Our highly specialised and experienced professionals serve customers in such industries as candles, hot-melt adhesives, bitumen modification, construction board, personal care and cosmetics, industrial applications, packaging, pharmaceuticals, polymer processing and rubber and tyres. Through its backward integration into Fischer-Tropsch technology waxes the Wax Division is able to provide a sustainable future feedstock solution to global markets.

Our PCASG Division comprises the Phenolics, Carbon and Ammonia and Speciality Gases sub-divisions.

One of the world’s leading producers of cresylic acids, the Phenolics sub-division manufactures and markets high-quality speciality chemical products derived from Sasol’s and other suppliers’ phenolic feedstock. Our customers benefit from one of the most diversified portfolios of cresylic acids, consisting of phenol, mixed cresols, high-purity ortho-, meta- and para-cresol, mixed xylenols and BHT. Our phenolics products are an essential ingredient for resins, solvents, antioxidants, functional fluids, disinfectants, agricultural chemicals and many other chemical intermediates. BHT is an antioxidant used in polymers, elastomers, lubricants, fuels and food products.

Our Carbon sub-division supplies high-quality carbon solutions. Based on our integrated coker/calciner configuration in South Africa we offer customers in the recarburiser and aluminium industries as well as other sectors unique coal-based low sulphur green coke, calcined coke and waxy oil coke products. 

Serving markets in Southern Africa, our Ammonia and Speciality Gases sub-division produces ammonia, hydrogen and CO2 as well as liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, krypton and xenon from its air separation units. Ammonia is used primarily in the fertiliser and explosives industries.