RESPONSIBILITIES OF OUR Group Executive Committee

The Joint Presidents and CEOs are jointly and severally liable and accountable and there is joint oversight in all decision-making. However, to ensure that the business is managed effectively, our leadership model uses dual reporting lines, allocating responsibilities into portfolios which comprise a balance across business, functions and regions.


Riaan Rademan**


BEng (Mech), MBL

  • South African: Born 1957
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2009

Prior to his current role Mr Rademan was responsible for mining, safety, health and environment, supply chain and information management, shared services, group information management and procurement and supply chain. He previously served as Managing Director of Sasol Nitro and Sasol Mining.

Exploration and Production
** Mr Rademan retired on 30 September 2017, he is replaced by Mr Harris who joined on 7 August 2017.



bernard klingenberg

Executive Vice President: Operations

MSc Eng (Mech)

  • South African: Born 1962
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2009

Since joining the Sasol Group in 1986, he has held various positions in maintenance, technical and general management fields in some of the South African Energy and the global chemical businesses of the Group. Mr Klingenberg was the Managing Director of Sasol Polymers from April 2007 to March 2009 responsible for Group human resources for two years from 2009 and before that the Managing Director of Sasol Nitro.

US Operations
Eurasian Operations
Secunda Synfuels Operations
Secunda Chemicals Operations
Sasolburg Operations
Satellite Operations



Fleetwood Grobler

Executive Vice President: Chemicals Business

BEng (Mech)

  • South African: Born 1961
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2013

Prior to his appointment to the GEC, he was the Managing Director of Sasol Olefins & Surfactants.
Mr Grobler joined Sasol in 1984 and has served in most of our South African operating facilities and has extensive experience in our international businesses.

Base Chemicals
Performance Chemicals



Maurice Radebe

Executive Vice President: Energy Business and Sustainability


  • South African: Born 1960
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2010

Mr Radebe joined Sasol Oil in January 2004, when Sasol Oil purchased Exel Petroleum, where he was the Managing Director. He served as the Managing Director of Sasol Oil from December 2006 until October 2010. He was chairman of the South African Petroleum Industry Association for the 2015 and 2016 calendar years. Prior to his current role, Mr Radebe was our Group Executive responsible for global corporate affairs, government relations and enterprise development.

Risk & SHE



Stephan Schoeman

Executive Vice President: Technology


  • South African: Born 1964
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2014

Prior to his current role Mr Schoeman was the Managing Director of Sasol Synfuels from May 2011 to March 2014. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Sasol Infrachem. Mr Schoeman has served in most of our South African operating facilities and has extensive international experience.

Research and Technology
Capital Projects
Planning and Optimisation
US Mega Projects
Business Control Enablement


Vuyo Kahla***



  • South African: Born 1970
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2011

From June 2004 to November 2010, Mr Kahla held executive positions in Transnet SOC Limited, with responsibility for legal services, risk management, compliance, company secretarial services, strategy and business modelling, corporate and public affairs and public policy and regulation. The World Economic Forum recognised him as a Young Global Leader and he is an alumnus of the Prince of Wales University of Cambridge Programme on Sustainability Leadership. He is the Chairman of the Council of Rhodes University.

Legal, IP and Regulatory Services
Governance, Compliance and Ethics
Assurance Services
Supply Chain
*** Company Secretary of Sasol Limited.




Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

BCompt (Hons), CA (SA), International Tax Law (Hons)

  • South African: Born 1972
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2016

Mr Victor became our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on 1 July 2016. He was previously Senior Vice President: Financial Control Services at Sasol, and served as Acting CFO from 10 September 2013 to 28 February 2015. Prior to this, Mr Victor gained invaluable experience during his 10 years as Chief Financial Officer of Sasol Synfuels – a position he held until 2011.

Financial Control Services
Corporate Finance, Business Development and Portfolio Management
Investor Relations
Information Management
Business Enablement
Financial Disclosures and Corporate Transaction Support
* Executive Director of Sasol Limited.



Charlotte Mokoena

Executive Vice President: Human Resources and Corporate Affairs

BA (Human Resources Development and Social Sciences)

  • South African: Born 1965
  • Appointed to the GEC in 2017

Prior to this role, Ms Mokoena was the Human Resources Executive at Tongaat Hulett Limited. She held this position from July 2013. Prior to this, Ms Mokoena spent 11 years at Telkom South Africa Limited, during which time she held several senior positions spanning the human resources, business consulting and customer services disciplines.

HR: Human Capital
HR: Global Operations
Corporate Affairs


Reporting legend

Integrated Report
Annual Financial Statements
Sustainability Reporting
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