Developing and empowering values-driven, high-performing people


Developing diverse, high-performing employees and nurturing future talent

We continued sponsoring studies and technical learning programmes, as well as supporting leadership, career and succession development initiatives. To secure a pipeline of future talent, we invested significantly in skills development, ranging from basic literacy and school level programmes to technical training for professionals, through some of the largest bursary, graduate development, learnerships and internship programmes in Southern Africa. These programmes also contribute towards our national skills development and youth employment strategies.

Embedding our values-driven, high-performance culture

We continued to make progress on our high-performance culture transformation journey which includes embedding our three critical behaviours: work to a common game plan; adopt a One Sasol, one bottom-line approach; and embrace empowered accountability. We are taking measures to address the following improvement areas identified in our employee engagement survey: visible leadership; teamwork and collaboration; employee growth and development; reward and recognition; and diversity and inclusion. We are integrating these measures into the next phase of our group-wide cultural transformation journey, and also used the findings to inform the process for refreshing the Sasol vision, purpose and values.

Enhancing Business Performance

Our current business environment, supported by our cost-saving programmes and the low oil price Response Plan cash-conservation initiative, has resulted in us prioritising focused spending on developing critical skills and leadership capability across our operations.

Rewarding high performance, incentivising positive behaviour

We maintained our performance management and remuneration frameworks, designed to reward employees for their performance, giving equal emphasis to delivery and behaviour. Every OME’s incentive scorecard sets minimum targets for safety performance, financial results and, in our South African operations, for employment equity.

Diversity and inclusion

We continued to implement our diversity 10-Point Plan, which provides a set of qualitative measures designed to enable the achievement of our diversity objectives, including the recruitment, development and retention of candidates from under-represented groups, as well as measures to enhance gender equity.

Maintaining positive employee relations

Sasol recognises the right of employees to collective bargaining and to freedom of association in accordance with all relevant local labour legislation. We maintain constructive relationships with all representative unions and works councils that enjoy consultative or negotiating powers on issues of mutual interest. In South Africa, the tough macro-economic climate and recent political turbulence had an impact on our employee relations over the past year. For the first time in many years, there was a prolonged strike at our Mining operations, which lasted 79 days. Therefore, restoring a positive relationship with our employees, and enhancing our engagement levels to ensure optimal productivity, is a key priority for us.

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