Ethical behaviour

Promoting high ethical standards and combating corruption throughout our sphere of influence is an important part of our drive to deliver social value through our core activities.


  • Sasol’s Code of Ethics (the Code) which deals, among others, with anti-corruption and bribery has been communicated throughout the Group, with regular awareness sessions and training.
  • At least every two years, senior and middle management, as well as employees identified as being in potentially exposed positions, are required to formally certify that they know and understand the Code and its associated guidelines. This certification process further supports efforts to fight corruption.
  • Employees and other stakeholders can report any breach of the Code via the Sasol EthicsLine, our independently managed, anonymous reporting facility.
  • Ethics culture surveys are periodically conducted by external parties.
  • The extent to which employees behave in line with the Sasol values is part of Sasol’s system of performance management. The value, that we act with respect and integrity at all times, is underpinned in the Code. Behaviour deviances, in this regard, are addressed through appropriate consequent management, either disciplinary action or performance management.


  • 482 calls were made to the EthicsLine, many of which had multiple allegations. This represents a slight increase from the 472 calls reported for 2016.
  • Of the 109 substantiated allegations, 48% related to dishonesty, 31% to irresponsibility, 12% to unfairness and the remainder to disrespect.
  • The Group Ethics office provides assurance that appropriate corrective actions are taken on ethical transgressions.
  • In four instances the disciplinary processes resulted in dismissals. In one additional instance the matter was reported to the South African Police Service. All five matters related to theft or fraud.


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