Focusing on occupational health and employee wellbeing

Strategic focus

Our revised strategic focus has introduced an integrated occupational health and wellness risk management framework as a proactive measure to prevent and mitigate known risks. The aim of this holistic approach is to achieve long-term health and wellness performance, maintaining a healthy workforce that is able to work safely and productively for the duration of their careers.

This focus involves:

Risk-based occupational hygiene

Our risk-based approach allows us to evaluate, analyse, monitor and manage exposure and provide preventative measures for a range of occupational health risks. This includes a hierarchy of control for known exposure, from at-source elimination through engineering design, to exposure reduction strategies, including administrative controls and the provision of suitable personal protective equipment.

Medical emergency response

A fit-for-purpose ‘injury on duty’ and medical emergency management programme, including medical emergency response planning to limit the
potential long-term health consequence of workplace accidents, is in place for our global operations.

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