Promoting employee and service provider safety


Promoting safety

At Sasol, our risk-based One Sasol SHE Excellence Approach provides a framework for our efforts to reach zero harm. We assigned accountability across our operations to provide inspirational leadership in our safety efforts, enabled by the Group Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) function. Our approach centres on understanding and managing our risk profile and implementing a standardised control regime across the company, strengthened by clear policies and procedures, leading practice incident investigation and behavioural science.

Risk analysis

We continue to focus on developing a list of precursors, with the intent of proactively identifying the potential for the occurrence of high-severity incidents with the aim of preventing these from materialising.

Incident management process

Our approach to incident management is evolving from its predominant focus on prevention to include caring for injured employees. Despite our Recordable Case Rate (RCR) declining steadily, the number of high-severity injuries, as evidenced by the fatalities and life-altering injuries, is not declining.

We appreciate that while current safety efforts are improving, we need additional action to prevent the higher severity injuries. We have revised our current severity measurement to further categorise injuries in terms of actual and potentially fatal, life-altering and/or life threatening outcomes.

By tracking and identifying trends on the actual and potential severity of injuries, we are providing proper focus to those incidents that have the greatest potential for harm. This enables us to streamline our resource allocation during incident investigations and ensure focused attention on identifying the control failures and extracting and communicating learning from these incidents to prevent recurrence.

Service provider safety management

We have implemented a standardised service provider management process. The inherent risk relating to the scope of supply of services was evaluated to ensure risk-based management of service providers. We have provided operations personnel with a standardised assessment process to ensure on-going assurance of service provider compliance and desired safety performance.

SHE related training

All our employees undergo a regular risk-based SHE Induction programme. We have reviewed our SHE competency profiles to drive our goal of zero harm by ensuring a competent employee workforce. Permit-specific training requirements are identified and training conducted as required.

Emergency management

Each of our operating facilities has risk-based procedures that are in line with Group guidance relating to emergency management. Emergency procedures are tested at least annually, including transport-related emergency management.

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