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Sasol Ethics


Welcome to the web version of the Sasol EthicsLine. We appreciate your effort to advance ethics in Sasol.

You will be redirected below to the website where you can report a suspected ethical transgression. This is an independent website that is externally managed by Tip-offs Anonymous (TOA), a division of Deloitte.

Before providing TOA with information, please take note of the following important message:

Anybody is welcome to contact the EthicsLine about unethical conduct in Sasol. The EthicsLine is a confidential system to report suspected transgressions to the Sasol Code of Conduct. People who choose to use the EthicsLine may raise a concern only if they act in good faith. Please understand that the EthicsLine is not a complaints line and should only be used to report suspected transgressions of the Sasol Code of Conduct.

In making this report, you are not required to identify yourself and may remain anonymous (unless prohibited by the legislation in your country).  However, it is important to note that if you opt to remain anonymous, the reported matter may be very difficult or even impossible to investigate. You are thus encouraged to disclose your name in confidentiality, at least to Tip-offs Anonymous or the Sasol Group Ethics Office. If you provide your name under this condition, your identity will not be disclosed without your consent. If you are willing to make your identity known to Sasol, but only to the Ethics Office, please indicate so clearly. All information provided will be treated with the necessary confidentiality.

For more information on this, and other aspects that are important to consider before making a report to TOA, please click here

After submitting your information, you will be provided with a reference number.  You will be required to quote this reference when contacting the EthicsLine at a later stage to add more information to the original report or to receive feedback on a concern that you have submitted.

Within one workday from submitting your report, Tip-offs Anonymous will submit the report to the Group Ethics Office for appropriate follow up action. All valid reports will be investigated where appropriate and possible (e.g., should sufficient information be provided) and the appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Please click here to be transferred to the Tip-offs Anonymous website and to make a tip-off.

Please note that once you click on the link, you will be leaving the Sasol website and will be entering a secure website administered by Deloitte.

Alternatively, you can report unethical behaviour by calling any of the toll free international EthicsLine numbers below



South Africa        0800 016 017
USA          1800 490 9129 (Call charges may apply on certain mobile networks)
Mozambique         800 333 312 (Toll free when using Vodacom network)/ +27119293332 (Toll free Call Back Facility – Accessible from most mobile networks)
Germany        0800 183 0760
United Kingdom        0808 273 4946
China        400-878-5992
France        0805980323
Netherlands        0800 0224984
Slovakia        0800 232 022
Hong Kong        800 902 050
Singapore        800 492 2268
Italy        800 939 098
Spain        900 751 262


Are you making the report in good faith and with honest intentions?

  • Making a report of suspected ethical transgressions requires much responsibility from the reporter and it should only be made honestly and after due consideration.
  • Please make sure that you are informed about the Sasol whistle-blower policy.  You can find this in the Guide to the Application of Sasol’s Code of Conduct.

2.    Only ethical transgressions are to be reported to the Sasol EthicsLine.

  • Are you sure that what you want to report represents unethical behaviour and does it represent a clear transgression of the Sasol Code of Conduct?
  • Why do you think this represents an ethical transgression, rather than just inappropriate behaviour?

3.    Do you want to be totally anonymous, known to only the EthicsLine or also known to Sasol?

  • Totally anonymous: if more information is required from you it is very difficult for investigators to obtain that and the call may have to be closed without investigation.
  • Known to the EthicsLine: you remain anonymous to Sasol but provide your details to the EthicsLine so that they can contact you if Sasol requires any additional information which may assist in an investigation, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to proceed with.
  • Known to Sasol: you provide your details to the EthicsLine and give them permission to provide your details to Sasol.  This allows for a much better flow of communication if necessary.

4.    Remember to include as much detail as possible (this information is essential to be able to conduct an investigation);

  • The name of the business entity involved.
  • In which town and country is the area involved physically located?
  • The name(s) of the people, the nature of their involvement and their contact details.
  • When and where the incident took place.
  • How it occurred.
  • What specific evidence there is to the transgression and where it can be found
  • The details of any possible witnesses
  • An indication of how the incident came to your attention

5.    Do you have any fear of victimization and if so, why and by whom? 

6.    Indicate if the issue has been raised before. 

If yes

  • How were they raised and by whom?
  • With who or where were they raised?
  • How were the allegations handled?

If no

  • Why are you using the EthicsLine instead of other available channels? 
  • Is there a more suitable method of addressing the issue?

7.    What do you want to see happen as a result of the investigation into your report?   

Please click here to be transferred to the Tip-offs Anonymous website and to make a tip-off.

Please note that once you click on the link, you will be leaving the Sasol website and will be entering a secure website administered by Deloitte.


The Sasol Whistle-blower Policy is intended to encourage all stakeholders who have dealings with Sasol to make call reports about any actual or suspected unethical conduct without fear of adverse consequences.

Unethical conduct and transgression of the Code of Conduct should be reported timeously and dealt with through the appropriate mechanisms. If you become aware of a circumstance or action that appears to violate the Sasol Values, Code of Conduct, Sasol policies or laws we are subject to, or any human rights violations you should contact the Sasol EthicsLine.

You can  contact the Sasol EthicsLine to report unethical behaviour by calling any of the following numbers:

  • Germany: 0800 183 0760
  • Mozambique: 800 333 312 (Toll free when using Vodacom network)/ +27119293332 (Toll free Call Back Facility – Accessible from most mobile networks)
  • South Africa: 0800 016 017 (toll free)
  • United Kingdom: 0808 273 4946
  • USA: 1800 489 1727
  • China: 400-878-5992
  • France: 0805980323
  • Netherlands: 0800 0224984
  • Slovakia: 0800 232 022
  • Hong Kong: 800 902 050
  • Singapore: 800 492 2268
  • Italy: 800 939 098
  • Spain: 900 751 262

Or in writing using the following details:

Africa and USA


Call Reports can be made in different languages, including English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa, Pedi, Venda, Tsonga, Tswana, SiSwati, Ndebele, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Slovakian, Japanese and German.

Non-Retaliation and confidentiality

Sasol strictly prohibit any form of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or victimisation against a reporter who in good faith makes a report or raises a concern that he or she reasonably believes to be a violation of Sasol’s Code of Conduct. Retaliation against employees is prohibited even if their reports or concerns are proven unfounded by an investigation.

Should anyone within Sasol attempt to retaliate against or victimise a reporter for speaking up and making a report in good faith then such person will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Any reporter or witness who suspects that they are being victimised or retaliated against as a result of having made an ethics report, or for assisting in an investigation, should immediately make another ethics call report providing all the details of the alleged victimisation or retaliation.

Everyone who deals with the ethics call reports and the investigation thereof are bound by strict confidentiality obligations. If you make a call report, you may elect to remain anonymous.