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With almost zero sulphur, GTL diesel is a high performance, low emissions product.

Compatible with existing diesel engines either in neat form or as a premium blendstock, GTL diesel can achieve particulate emission reductions of up to 40%.
This delivers significant air quality advantages. Its high cetane number, 70, compared to a diesel standard of approximately 55, makes for cleaner and more complete combustion, improves cold start properties and cuts down noise. As well as enhancing performance, high cetane also means less buildup of deposits in the engine which reduces engine wear and extends engine life.  On a full life cycle analysis basis, GTL diesel’s overall emissions profile is at least as good as that of diesel produced in a modern refinery and possibly slightly better.
GTL diesel also delivers value to the refiner as well as the end user. As a blendstock it can help the refiner to extend the diesel pool to meet growing demand, upgrade lower grade material, enable increased biodiesel inclusion, increase ultra low sulphur diesel production capacity and enable reformulated diesel blending.