fbpx Additional Information Sasol South Africa

Additional Information Sasol South Africa

Sasol Khanyisa will provide participants exposure to both Sasol Limited and Sasol South Africa (“SSA”). The transaction structure results in Sasol Khanyisa Public and Sasol Khanyisa ESOP trust each holding a 9,93% holding in SSA. Dividends declared by SSA will be used to pay down vendor debt as well as pay a 2,5% trickle dividend to beneficiaries.

The ultimate objective of Khanyisa will be an SSA share exchange for SOLBE shares listed on the empowerment segment of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange at the end of the 10-year period or earlier if the debt is paid

Sasol South Africa business

Sasol’s South African businesses are housed in three major subsidiaries, namely SSA, Sasol Oil Proprietary Limited (“Sasol Oil”) and Sasol Mining Proprietary Limited (“Sasol Mining”). SSA operates as a coal and gas based synthetic fuels manufacturing facility which also produces chemicals, feedstocks and electricity. SSA currently contributes approximately 50% of the Sasol Group’s total cash generated from operating activities.

The business of SSA includes the Secunda Synfuels Operations, Secunda Chemicals Operations, Sasolburg Operations and SSA’s South African based marketing and sales of Base Chemical and Performance Chemical products. 

With effect from 30 June 2017, SSA acquired a 100% share in Sasol Gas Proprietary Limited which markets and distributes Mozambique produced natural gas and methane rich gas produced at the Secunda operations to internal and external customers in South Africa. Previously Sasol Gas was owned by Sasol Limited.

The downloads below provide additional information pertaining to SSA.

SSA and Sasol Gas Annual Financial Statements
Provides information on the financial performance and position of SSA for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 financial years.
The 2016 annual financial statements for Sasol Gas provide information on Sasol Gas’s financial performance prior to being acquired by SSA.


  Sasol South Africa (Pty) Ltd_ Annual financial statements 30 June 2019

  Sasol South Africa (Pty) Ltd_ Annual financial statements 30 June 2016

  Sasol Gas (Pty) Ltd_Annual financial statements 30 June 2016

  Sasol Gas (Pty) Ltd - Financial information 30 June 2017

  Sasol South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Financial information 30 June 2017

  Sasol South Africa information and Investor FAQs.pdf