fbpx SOLBE1 Shareholders

SOLBE1 Shareholders

A Sasol BEE ordinary share (SOLBE1 share) is a Sasol ordinary share that trades on the Empowerment Segment of the JSE (BEE) and is only available to trade among Black South Africans as defined by the BEE Codes.

SOLBE1 shareholders are entitled to the same dividends as SOL shareholders. SOLBE1 shares trade at a market determined price – which is currently traded at a slight discount to SOL shares which relates to the liquidity on volume traded.

SOLBE1 shares may only be sold to and bought by “BEE Compliant Persons” as defined DTI Codes and agreed to by participants signing the JSE BEE Contract. For that reason, SOLBE1 shares trade on the BEE segment of the JSE.