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Operating Model

Our new operating model, and a simplified and consolidated legal structure, came into effect on 1 July 2014. The new operating model aligns the components of Sasol - Operating Business Units, Regional Operating Hubs, Strategic Business Units, and Group Functions - according to a single value chain, focused on the production of liquid fuels, high-value chemicals and low-carbon electricity, as outlined below:

  • The Operating Business Units (OBUs) comprise our mining and upstream oil and gas activities, focusing mainly on securing feedstock supply;
  • The Regional Operating Hubs (ROHs) include our operations in Southern Africa, United States and Eurasia, focusing on sustaining asset management and performance while delivering to plan and optimising the total cost of production;
  • The Strategic Business Units (SBUs) focus on our commercial and enhanced customer interfaces within the energy and chemicals arenas, and on optimising business performance through marketing and sales excellence; and
  • Our Group Functions deliver fit-for-purpose business support services and solutions. 

To reflect our new operating model, our financial reporting has been updated and new reportable segments will accordingly be restated and presented in the group financial statements for 2015. 

To keep our stakeholders informed, and to assist investors during our transition, the following documents have been made available: 

  • SENS - A statutory document that provides an overview of the new operating model and financial information on the restated segment disclosures for the financial years ended 30 June 2014 and 2013, and for the six months ended 31 December 2013;
  • Segment overview document - This document provides further context for the changes to the new operating model and a summary of the integration and interface principles;
  • Business performance metrics - This document contains key metrics, volumes and statistics for the OBUs, ROHs and SBUs. This document replaces the business unit pages in the Analyst Book; and
  • Summarised earnings model - Simplified earnings and asset valuation model which will assist analysts and investors in understanding the new operating model. This model is based on historical information only and contains no forward looking references or information.

The documents below were originally published on 21 November 2014. Ongoing refinement of the operating model has resulted in two of the reportable segments, Southern African Energy and International Energy, being combined into one segment, Energy. These documents have not been updated to reflect this change.

For further information please refer to documents below: