Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Purchase Plan

The Bank of New York Mellon maintains a sponsored dividend reinvestment and direct purchase programme for Sasol's Depositary Receipts. As a participant in Global BuyDIRECT, investors benefit from the direct ownership of their Depositary Receipts, the efficiency of receiving corporate communications directly from the Depositary Receipt issuer, and the savings resulting from the reduced brokerage and transaction costs. Additional information is available at www.globalbuydirect.com

Please note that this service is not available to holders of ordinary shares on the JSE.

Questions or correspondences about Global BuyDIRECT should be addressed to:

The Bank of New York Mellon

Investor Relations
P O Box 11258
Church Street Station New York, New York 10286-1258

DIRECT participants:

Toll-free telephone for US Global Buy
Telephone for international callers: 212-815-3700
E-mail: shareowner-svcs@bankofny.com