Publication Date Title
2018/04/19 Sasol Publishes Production and Sales Metrics for the Nine Months Ended
2018/04/19 BRIEF-Sasol Says For 9 Months Ended March 31, Mining Saleable Production Was 27.2 Mln Tons
2018/04/19 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Sasol publishes production and sales metrics for the nine months ended 31 March 2018
2018/04/16 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Joint Announcement regarding the Opening of the Period during which the Free Share Allocation may be Rejected
2018/04/06 BRIEF-Sasol Shareholders Approved Sasol Khanyisa Deal
2018/04/06 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Joint Declaration and Finalisation Announcement
2018/04/05 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Automatic Redesignation of Certain SOLBE1 Shares as SOL Shares and Recommencement of Trading on SOLBE1 Shares
2018/03/29 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Correction Announcement: SOLBE1 Election Right Results
2018/03/29 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Sasol Appoints Independent Non-Executive Director
2018/03/29 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Joint announcement regarding the Record Date for the Free Share Allocation relating to Sasol Khanyisa
2018/03/29 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - SOLBE1 Election Right Results Announcement
2018/03/27 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Dealings in Securities by the Company Secretary of Sasol and a Director of Major Subsidiaries of Sasol
2018/03/26 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Announcement regarding suspension of trading in SOLBE1 shares
2018/03/23 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Announcement regarding closing of period during which SOLBE1 election right was capable of being exercised
2018/03/22 JSE: SOL - SOLBE1 - Announcement regarding extension of period during which SOLBE1 election right is capable of being exercised