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Trading Sasol Inzalo Ordinary Shares


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Dear Shareholder,


Since 8 September 2011 you were entitled to sell or transfer your Sasol Inzalo shares. Sasol Limited and Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) appointed Computershare to process the transfer of your Sasol Inzalo shares in the event of a sale or purchase of those shares. Until now, such a transaction was dependent on you identifying your own buyer or seller.

We are pleased to inform you that Sasol Limited and Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) have now introduced a trading platform to facilitate your Sasol Inzalo share trading. The system allows current and potential shareholders to register their selling or buying orders, thereby streamlining the trading process. The trading platform merely facilitates the matching of buyers and sellers to the extent that they exist and therefore there is no guarantee that your buy or sell order will be fulfilled.  The trading platform is not a regulated exchange as defined in the Financial Markets Act, Act no 19 of 2012 (“the Act”) and the provisions in the Act relating to Insider Trading, Prohibited Trading Practices and the prohibitions against the publication of false and misleading statements as defined in the Act, do not apply.

This platform has been integrated with the existing service on offer to you, through Computershare and will be available from 1 March 2012. Further information about the process can be obtained by:

  • Calling Computershare’s call centre on 0800-000-222;
  • Contacting Computershare by e-mail on sasolinzalosales@computershare.co.za; or
  • Visiting Computershare’s walk-in centre at 70 Marshall Street, Johannesburg.

Once again, we do wish to reiterate that Sasol Inzalo is a long-term investment, which commenced on  8 September 2008 and will conclude on 7 September 2018. You can now use the remaining period before 7 September 2018 to either sell, transfer or buy Sasol Inzalo shares. It is important to also note that you are not obliged to sell or transfer your shares during this period. We also encourage you to seek guidance from a licensed financial adviser before deciding on whether to sell, transfer or purchase shares.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please feel free to contact us, via the channels listed above, should you require any additional information regarding your investment.

Yours faithfully,

Nolitha Fakude
Executive Director

Sasol Limited

Bheki Sibiya

Sasol lnzalo Public Limited (RF)

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