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Sasol has partnered up with SPIDER-MAN™:FAR FROM HOME  to give you the opportunity to win (1) of (3) exciting SPIDER-MAN™:FAR FROM HOME inspired experiences to either Venice, Prague, New York or Bali.  
All you have to do is:

  1. Swing by your nearest Sasol and spend R300 or more on Fuel and/or in-store.
  2. SMS your name and Sasol to 33073
  3. SMS cost R1.50 each. Free SMSs and SMS Bundles do not apply
  4. Upload or retain your till slip. 



Web-sling across St Mark’s Square – the filming location for some of the most action-packed scenes in the movie – and enjoy an exclusive tour of the world-famous St Mark’s Basilica, before heading to the iconic Doge’s Palace where you’ll use your Spidey senses to locate the secret passageways where some of Venice’s most notorious villains were defeated.

Next, enjoy a custom-designed ‘Far From Home’ filming locations tour of Venice as you cruise past gondolas and iconic landmarks in a private speedboat. Then, take on mind-blowing water rides, learn how to ‘wall-climb’ on a vertical tower, and ‘web-sling’ from the tallest bungee jump platform in Europe at Italy’s best water and adventure park. Three nights of luxury hotel accommodation and a delicious dinner for two at the best waterfront pizzeria in the city completes the ultimate adventure to Venice.

Enjoy an exciting city quest challenging you to solve, hunt and complete tasks to hit all the hot spots in Prague including the iconic Charles Bridge.  Next, a world of sensations and mind blowing optical illusions awaits as you put your Spidey-senses to the test experiencing the unimaginable in the country’s most extraordinary Museum of Senses. 

Finally you will fly high as if web slinging your way around the city like Spider-Man himself in a thrilling flight over the city, before settling for a Spider-eye view on a rooftop at one of Prague’s most desirable spots to enjoy some of the city’s culinary delights.

New York


Brooklyn bound, you will begin by perfecting a Spider-eye view with a private drone flying and photograph master class. Learn to fly this nifty piece of machinery, see if you can spot any threats amidst the skyline and take home some spectacular shots of the city - the views that our Spider-like hero is so used to. 

Next hit the New York Hall of Science in Peter’s home of Queens to find out the latest and greatest technological advancements before getting stuck in to 360-degree videos, a sky-diving simulator, VR climbing, and fully immersive gaming experiences at a state of the art VR hub. Finish with a view at New York’s only fully rotating restaurant for 360 degree views of this iconic capital!

Web-sling to Bali, where our winners will take on an element of their choice - Earth, Water, Wind or Fire, during the ultimate action-packed vacation! Overcome Earth on a thrilling canyoning expedition where they’ll use their awesome Spidey skills to ‘wall-climb’ up sheer rock faces and ‘web-sling’ into the depths of Bali’s colossal canyons! Use superhero strength to defeat Water as they control foaming waves and rapid currents on an adrenaline fuelled white-water rafting adventure down Bali’s longest waterway! Conquer Wind and take flight on a once-in-a-lifetime tandem paragliding adventure. Or embark on an epic sunrise hike to the summit of Bali’s most legendary active volcano, where they’ll face the mind-blowing force of Fire and venture right to the crater’s edge! Then, enjoy three nights of luxury hotel accommodation and a delicious dinner at a top restaurant!