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Social Investment

In Mozambique we have created a sustainable legacy, spending over US$13 million on corporate social investment projects to uplift local communities. To date, Sasol’s primary corporate social investment (CSI) focus in Mozambique has been on infrastructure development, with 67% of projects falling within this category. In providing infrastructure, together with our partners we have worked closely with government and local authorities – an approach which helps to prioritise projects, including the provision and maintenance of schools, health clinics, water boreholes and water systems.

The Government of Mozambique’s vision is to leverage its natural resources to promote inclusive socio-economic growth which benefits all citizens. Developing local capabilities through skills development is central to achieving this vision. This is highlighted by a recent report in which the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates that half of the economic growth in developed countries in the last decade came from improved skills.

Against this backdrop, together with our partners in Mozambique, Sasol has prioritised learning at every level of the education value chain.

Our legacy has been strengthened by our involvement in skills development initiatives, including:

  • A bursary programme, in partnership with the Mozambican Ministry of Mineral Resources (MIREM), aimed at developing 30 students per annum, to study in the areas of geology, petroleum, drilling and reservoir engineering;
  • Sasol’s learnership programme, fast-tracking the development of sought after artisans in the fields of electrical, instrumentation, mechanical fitting and production – in 2011, the first learners completed their training and were appointed as artisans at the CPF in 2014; and
  • Leveraging Sasol’s university collaboration approach to build the necessary value adding capabilities within Mozambican universities.

In South Africa, to develop a pipeline of talent to support our strategic objectives, we run one of the largest bursary schemes in the country. We also invest in critical skills development initiatives for artisans, engineering contractors and chartered accountants. Investments that contribute to empowering local communities include deepening the pool of civil construction skills.

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