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As the world becomes more competitive, proper accreditation will give a business entity a Mark of Professionalism and it will demonstrate to external stakeholders that a business  delivers on quality and competence. 

Sasol makes use of the Ariba Supplier Information Management (SIM) module for Suppliers to electronically create, update and maintain their supplier records. The Ariba (SIM) module allows for both South African and International Suppliers, to transact with Sasol in South Africa. 

The Supplier Accreditation forms part of the Supplier Application process fully explained on the Application web Page . https://www.sasol.com/suppliers/application-and-accreditation 

It is important to comply with relevant industry standards, national and /or international legislation and standards applicable to the supply of goods or service offered by a supplier.  

Technical/business accreditation is conducted using standard pre-determined protocols.  Being awarded technical/business accredited status, represents formal recognition that safety, quality, knowledge and professionalism have been assessed according to specific criteria as being worthy of excellence. 

Sasol values the partnership with suppliers and created a special guideline to assist with the Supplier Accreditation process. 

The guideline: Is intended to provide information regarding the elements being verified during accreditation and the minimum requirements the supplier needs to adhere to for a successful accreditation. Each section of the guideline will provide the supplier with important questions and points to consider, provide valuable information, links to legislation and user friendly templates. The templates should assist the supplier in gathering the objective evidence needed to be presented during technical / business accreditation. These are however not exhaustive and there might be additional requirements applicable to your specific area of expertise. 

Note: The Technical Accreditation guideline is only applicable to technical / business accreditation and does not address the SPSM Safety Accreditation.
The Supplier Accreditation Guideline with Annexures can be accessed by clicking on the following banner.