fbpx Participation in online sourcing events

Participation in online sourcing events


As part of our ongoing effort to streamline our processes, Sasol has implemented the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution to issue on-line bid events.
SAP Ariba Sourcing is one of the applications in the SAP Ariba Commerce Cloud.  It is a comprehensive web-based tool that allows Sasol to create and manage online bid events.  It allows Sasol to communicate with its suppliers on-line and to speed up the sourcing process.

Participation in online sourcing events:

A Supplier will be invited by Sasol to participate in an on-line sourcing event by means of an e-mail invitation from SAP Ariba.

To participate in a sourcing event via SAP Ariba, a supplier must be registered and approved by Sasol on the Ariba Network.

For ease of reference, we have included a training guide to guide you through the process.
Please click on the link below to access the training guide.  The purpose of this guide is to assist suppliers with the registration process and to provide guidance on how to respond to sourcing events.

Should you have any technical difficulty, please contact the Ariba Helpdesk on: 0800 981 709 
For any queries on how to complete the sourcing event content, kindly contact the 
Sasol Contact Centre on: 0860 10 4 777  

Participating in online sourcing events