Preferential Procurement

Sasol supports the intent of South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice and has adopted the requirements of the Codes in our applicable policies & procedures. Sasol Suppliers must at all times maintain their BBBEE certificates/affidavits to ensure accurate reporting to Accreditation agencies and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Please click here for a step by step guide on how to maintain your BBBEE certificate.

Our Preferential Procurement Philosophy states that: 

  1. Supply Chain Management has been positioned and aligned with the revised 2013 Codes of Good Practice and related legislation in order to offer optimal supply chain solutions; enhance our competitive advantage and ensure that we remain relevant in the industry. The requirements of the Codes of Good Practice have been taken into account when determining the Sasol Supply Chain strategy and procedure.
  2. Given the changes to South African market conditions - specifically relating to the new revised codes, new legislation and supplier constraints - Supply Chain has a responsibility for the development and transformation of suppliers to enhance its competitiveness. Since the inception of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) we have been committed to the development of this nation and communities, and have developed strategies to address relevant legislation which focus on doing business with BEE compliant suppliers
  3. We support and develop the exempted micro enterprises and qualifying small enterprises, as these entities play an important role in the economic growth and development of any economy. The development of suppliers in terms of Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) and Preferential Procurement is considered as the key focus for empowerment -  which is undertaken by Sasol’s Group Enterprise and Supplier Development department
  4. Supply Chain has developed and implemented strategies and programs/projects which are used as an effective instrument to promote Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in the economy. Included in our strategy are the following objectives:
    • Supplier Development
    • Localisation
    • Skills Development
    • Job Creation
    • Industrialisation
  5. In the sourcing process, the principles of the Codes of Good Practice will be a criterion in selecting suppliers. Performance, as measured under the Codes of Good Practice and other relevant legislation, will impact the competitiveness of Sasol in South Africa, and its ability to ensure growth and sustainability.

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