fbpx Integrated Resource Management

Resource Management

Resource Management (IRM) delivers fit for purpose solutions for temporary employees and hired equipment while maintaining supplier harmony on Sasol sites.

Service Offerings:

Temporary Employment Services

  • Coordination of the procurement of temporary employment services.
  • Monitors compliance to the LRA (Labour Relations Act).

Other Country Nationals (OCN)

  • Monitoring of compliance to the Immigration Act.
  • Maintain the balance between local recruitment and the mobilisation of OCNs

Supplier Industrial Relations

  • Proactively mitigates potential Supplier IR related risks, while enabling people mobilisation to site.

Hired Equipment

  • Provides a standardised process for the procurement of hired equipment regionally.

For any queries please contact the Sasol Contact Centre on 0860 10 4777 or email: contact.sasolsharedservices@sasol.com