fbpx Sasol's approach to environmental management

Minimising our environmental footprint

Sasol is dependent on natural resources including coal, crude oil, natural gas and water for our business activities. Our activities, by their very nature, have an unavoidable impact on the environment; and we remain committed to minimising these impacts. We recognise and understand the environmental footprint associated with our activities and responsibly manage these in a prudent and legally compliant way. Our actions aim to ensure that safety, health and environment (SHE) is a top priority. Additionally, our SHE Policy commits us to responsibly address our environmental challenges with consideration for the interests of our stakeholders.

Sasol continues to mitigate the risks related to air quality, water consumption, waste footprint, land use, and the impact on biodiversity through the ongoing investigation of alternative feedstocks, optimised processes, improved efficiencyand focused abatement technology retrofits. This includes offsets, monitoring air quality through an extensive monitoring network as well as assessments of the impacts on the environment. Investments to reduce the environmental footprint of our existing facilities will benefit natural, human and social capital.