Our commitment to creating social value

At Sasol we contribute to socio-economic development through Social Investment (SI) programmes that seek to respond more directly to our fence line communities' desired outcomes and to enable the positioning of our organisation as a credible stakeholder partner. Our Social Investment (SI) programmes will be implemented in compliance with applicable laws, alignment with our company's strategic focus and shared values, taking into account relevant global best practice standards, reporting guidelines, corporate governance codes and applicable codes of good practice in the areas where we operate. 

Our approach to social investment

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we strive to be a credible partner to our host communities, by prioritising social investment in areas where we operate. As the result our social investment programmes have been standardised and aligned with local drivers, such as job creation, reducing our environmental impact, increasing local procurement, focusing on vocational skills and small-, medium- and micro-sized enterprise (SMME) development, as well as collaborating with municipalities for improved service delivery. Our focus is on programmes that will achieve the greatest impact, while also satisfying the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders.

In addition we recognise that the realisation of our Social Investment (SI) objectives will require a structured approach in the manner in which we implement our programmes.  In this context, we have defined a Social Investment (SI) implementation approach comprising of the following key steps:

  • Strategic alignment – led by the Group Sasol Global Foundation
  • Planning
  • Implementation 
  • Evaluation  

Our governance framework

The activities of the SGF are governed by the SGF Board of Governance (BoG), a Committee comprised of Sasol’s senior leadership, including the Joint Presidents and CEOs. The operational activities of the SGF are managed by the Sasol Social and Community Board of Trustees supported by a central team located at Sasol Place in Sandton. Dedicated teams in our various operating model entities (OME's) are responsible for the execution of our Social Investment programmes.

Our focus areas

We have integrated our understanding of stakeholders’ desired outcomes with our own aspiration to be an organisation that is seen by our stakeholders to be transparent and transformed, that delivers on its promises, and that co-develops sustainable solutions to challenges and issues of stakeholders. Through this process we have identified the following focus areas for our social investments in our communities: