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Sasol Base Chemicals is a producer and marketer of a range of commodity chemicals based on the Fischer Tropsch (FT) and natural gas value chains including chemical feedstocks of ethane, ethylene, propylene and ammonia.  Final products include explosives, fertilisers, polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride), mining reagents (caustic soda, sodium cyanide), and a range of alcohols, ketones, acrylate monomers, and other oxygenated solvents.

Our business employs about 1200 people in three key product divisions:  Polymers, Solvents, Explosives & Fertilisers. Our offices in 17 countries serve customers with quality chemical products and solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. 

Our products are used in countless applications in our daily lives to add value, security and comfort.  Typical applications include aerosols, cosmetics, fragrances, packaging, paints, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, polishes, printing and plastics and mining (particularly in gold extraction), pulp and paper, steel, textiles, water treatment and purification, agricultural fertilisers and chemicals.  Our commercial explosives products and opencast services are employed by all of Southern Africa’s leading mining houses.

We provide agronomic and product support to our fertiliser clients through our technical services department. We provide a full blasting service and product support to our mining industry customers and we operate a center of polymer technology excellence that provides technical service support to external customers and also undertakes polymer-related applications research and development applicable to the Polymers division. 

Every day Sasol’s products touches on and improve the quality of people’s lives.