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21st Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference

The 21st Africa Oil Week/Africa Upstream Conference started in Cape Town earlier this month and hosted delegates from around the world. Speaking at the 3rd Global Women’s Petroleum & Energy Club African Business Breakfast, Nici Jordaan, Business Development Manager at Sasol, commented “It made me appreciate the role we can play in empowering women so that they are better able to uplift, not only their family, but the broader community.”

Another strong theme to emerge from the conference was how Africans are the beneficiaries of a new age of exploration in Africa. “Companies are thriving in Africa and are giving back to governments and communities through long-term relationships,” commented Gys du Toit, Senior Manager: People and Organisational Effectiveness at Sasol Exploration and Production International.

“I have been greatly impressed by the overriding sentiment of all the major players in the oil and gas industry. I am enthused by their viewpoints on creating shared value for government, business and communities,” said Christopher Kabosha, Senior Manager of Public and Regulatory Affairs at Sasol International Energy.  

As a key sponsor of the conference, Sasol recognises that energy is an economic enabler, and is focused on ensuring that sustained growth translates into tangible development and positive change for all Africa’s citizens. 

In his opening address, Sasol Exploration and Production International Senior Vice President, Ebbie Haan, stated that “Africa's rising is a reality.” He described Sasol’s aim to maintain and enhance the existing asset base and explore targeted growth opportunities. “Our expertise in commercializing technologies that beneficiate resources, including natural gas, to produce much-needed liquid fuels, high-value chemicals and low-carbon electricity, serves to promote regional growth, development and stability.”

The Sasol delegates attending the conference are strongly encouraged about the future of the upstream industry and its implications for further investment in Africa and the continuation of Africa’s sustained growth trend. “I am happy to see that many companies remain committed to Africa exploration even though there is uncertainty regarding oil price trends,” said Samir Sale, Senior Manager of Performance and Enablement at Sasol. “It is great to see the increasing support for the oil and gas industry in Africa by local governments.”