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Sasol Techno Oil

Wellness For Your Wheels

Your car is more than just a machine – it's a vital part of your daily life. With Sasol Techno Oil, you're not just driving; you're driving wellness. Our advanced formulas are engineered to optimise your engine's performance, reducing friction wear and tear. This means fewer hiccups on the road and more miles of unbridled joy.

Stronger For Longer

Your car deserves the best protection, and Sasol Techno Oil delivers exactly that. Shield your engine from the harsh realities of the road with our advanced lubrication properties, safeguarding its vital components and ensuring they work harmoniously together, forever.

The Healthy Option For Your Vehicle

Choosing Sasol Techno Oil isn't just a decision – it's a commitment to your car's well-being. When it’s time for change, an oil change, try the essential oil for your car - Sasol Techno Oil. Driving wellness

About Sasol Lubricants

Sasol is a world-class automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants and grease manufacturer based in South Africa. Sasol lubricants advanced lubrication technology offers a wide range of products suitable for multiple applications. Sasol Techno oil, born to perform.

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