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Human rights

Respect for human rights and dignity is critical for our business. We uphold human rights and ensure integration into our business practices.

Our commitment to uphold the human rights of all people is captured in our Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct, the Sasol Security Policy and various other policies and practices related to labour and employment.

We respect, uphold and protect human rights, and conduct business based on fair, lawful, efficient and transparent practices. Our approach is premised on compliance with applicable legal requirements in all the jurisdictions in which we conduct our business. Our compliance programme is a key enabler in this regard.

Our Executive Director and Executive Vice President: Strategy, Sustainability and Integrated Services is responsible for business and human rights in Sasol. The Human Rights Centre of Excellence is headed by the Vice President: Securities and Governance Laws, following the restructuring of Sasol. The responsibility to implement and apply actions to advance human rights in the business also resides with the leadership of the business units and functions.

The Business and Human Rights Framework and roadmap was approved by the Safety, Social and Ethics Committee to ensure that Sasol’s human rights performance is, to the extent appropriate for Sasol, aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, improve our disclosures in the nearterm, as well as to address identified gaps.

Due to the nature, location and scale of our activities Sasol has prioritised the following as the most prevalent human rights issues: 

  • Respecting diversity
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Safe, secure and healthy work environments
  • Fair and competitive conditions of employment
  • Rights of fenceline communities and indigenous people
  • Human rights in Supply Chain
  • Responsible management of environmental footprint
  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Grievance mechanisms

The Sasol’s  Ethics Office is the custodian of the Group’s anonymous international whistleblowing facility, which is available to all employees and stakeholders, to report any actual or suspected unethical conduct, without fear of adverse consequences. The EthicsLine is available in a number of local languages in the areas where we operate.

A 24 hour toll-free hotline is also in place at various operations sites, for the reporting of nuisance odours and other environmental concerns by employees, communities and neighbouring industries.

Use of these mechanisms are encouraged to report perceived human rights infringements for our further attention.