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Sasol Retail Franchising Opportunities


Franchising has been proven worldwide as one of the most successful business models, due to its highly effective owner-operator partnership. The franchisor offers the competitive advantage of an established brand and full support. The franchisee offers commitment, management skills, and daily hands-on involvement. Both parties have invested in the venture and have an equal interest in its success.


We have defined our outlets as Sasol Convenience Centres (SCCs). While each SCC will, of course, sell petrol and diesel from a forecourt, it will also have a 24-hour convenience store offering a wide range of consumer goods, including bread, milk and groceries, sweets, savoury snacks, cold drinks, cigarettes, cell phone vouchers, magazines, newspapers, and even health and beauty products. It is for a share of this convenience market that you as a franchisee will be competing at your site.

Customers will experience a consistently high standard of service and products at all SCCs. This will benefit you as an individual franchisee:

  • By being part of a large, trusted chain, you are more certain of attracting customers who have had a good experience at a SCC elsewhere.
  • As a franchisee, you will receive a tried-and-tested business system backed by ongoing training, operational support and mentoring.
  • You can significantly improve your chances of success by putting in extra effort.
  • Also, by working harder at maintaining Sasol's high corporate standards, you boost the image and popularity of the Sasol brand - and hence of your own SCC - in the long run.


Each SCC comprises at least three separate business units: a forecourt, a convenience store and a bakery. A car wash and a quick-service restaurant may be added under certain conditions. Each business unit has to adhere to individual standards for methods of operation, service levels, management, profitability and continuous training of staff. Most importantly, each unit is regarded as an individual profit centre, and may not be run at a loss and offset by the other units.

After extensive market research, Sasol determines which business units are suitable for the particular site and appoints a SCC franchisee to operate the entire outlet.  


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