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Careers in Sasol Exploration and Production International

Sasol’s Upstream Oil and Gas business covers a range of careers from exploration and production technical areas to business support. As part of our team you will be exposed to Sasol’s diverse portfolio which includes Sasol’s upstream interests in oil and gas production and exploration in Mozambique, Canada, Gabon, South Africa, Australia and Nigeria. We produce natural gas from Mozambique’s Temane and Pande fields, shale gas from the Farrell Creek and Cypress Asset in Canada and oil in Gabon through our share in the offshore Etame oilfield cluster. 

We exist to:

  • Profitably find and develop hydrocarbons for independent material growth opportunities and Sasol’s integrated value chains
  • Provide a more sustainable energy solution to Sasol
  • Make a difference to the lives of the people and communities where we operate
  • Develop and grow our staff to reach their optimum levels of performance

Upstream Oil and Gas is one of the fastest growing business units in Sasol.  In 2000, the total staff complement existed of 25 people mainly based in London, this has grown to 500+ in 2014 on a trajectory to deliver on a growing asset base.

Within this flexible and dynamic industry, your career path can be specialised in:

  • Exploration Geoscience
  • Production Geoscience
  • Subsurface Engineering
  • Surface Engineering
  • Well Delivery
  • Technical Support

You’ll find that Upstream Oil and Gas is not only geographically diverse, but also diverse in terms of talent and experience.  You can opt for the commercial side of the business where an integrated understanding of project management, negotiation and deal-making is central.  We need a range of specialized skills to drive success in this part of Sasol’s internationally-focused business and welcome analytical people with good communication and people skills.

Follow our showcase page on LinkedIn for news and Sasol’s LinkedIn page for vacancies offering opportunities in the specialist and generalist career paths.