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The U.S. shale gas revolution, coupled with the current wide differential between gas and oil prices, has created attractive opportunities for Sasol's continued growth and investment in the U.S. market.

Sasol's transformational technologies will help unlock the potential of abundant US natural gas resources and support expanded domestic manufacturing.

The final investment decision for the ethane cracker and derivatives project was made in 2014.


A world-scale ethane cracker and derivatives project – Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Sasol is constructing a world-scale petrochemical complex near our existing site in Southwest Louisiana. The project will roughly triple the company's chemical production capacity in the U.S. and enable it to build on its strong positions in robust and growing global chemicals markets.  

At the heart of the project is an ethane cracker that will produce 1.5 million tons of ethylene annually, benefiting from significant economies of scale. The complex also includes six chemical manufacturing plants. Approximately 90 percent of the cracker's ethylene output will be converted into a diverse slate of commodity and high-margin specialty chemicals for markets in which Sasol has a strong position, underpinned by collaborative customer relationships.

The ethylene produced in the facility will be used in six downstream plants on-site to produce a range of high-value derivatives including ethylene oxide, mono-ethylene glycol, ethoxylates, low density and linear low density polyethylene, Ziegler and Guerbet alcohols that will further strengthen Sasol's position in the global chemicals market. These derivatives are used in everyday consumer products, such as synthetic fibres, soft drink cans, detergents, fragrances, paints, film and food packaging.

The project will create about 800 full-time jobs, more than 5,000 construction jobs, and thousands of indirect jobs in Louisiana and across the U.S

This integrated complex will foster additional downstream manufacturing growth, support local businesses and bring other financial benefits to Southwest Louisiana and the U.S.

Learn more about project progress at SasolNorthAmerica.com