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Satellite Operations Hub, under the stewardship of Rightwell Laxa, comprises of about a 3000 kilometer network of natural and methane-rich Gas Pipelines, a Wax Blending Plant in Durban and the Ekandustria based Explosives operations.

The scope of entities under Satellite Operations covers the breadth and depth of Southern Africa including a 865 kilometer pipeline linking the gas fields in Mozambique to the network in South Africa as well as cutting across four provinces in South Africa, namely, Mpumalanga, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and North West. In addition, we are impacted by a number of stakeholders including communities that are located in about fifteen Local Government Authorities where our operations are prevalent.

The Satellite Operations produces, operates and delivers its services to its customers in line with agreed plans and commercial agreements.  Our primary customers include, Sasol Southern Africa Energy, Sasol Base Chemicals, Mining, Construction and Chemical Industries as well as international export markets.  Satellite Operation works closely with the boards of two joint ventures, namely, Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investment Company (ROMPCO) and Sasol Dyno Nobel (DNS) in operating their assets where Sasol holds 50% share equity in each company.