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Secunda Chemicals Operations operates the following production facilities in Secunda, South Africa:

  • Several monomer (ethylene and propylene)  purfication plants and an ethylene cracker unit, along with two polypropylene plants.
  • We operate twelve Solvents plants that are grouped in two areas: In Chemical Work Up the primary function is to remove NACs from Synthol tail gas wash water and to separate these into marketable products.  In the Comonomers and SafolTM Plants, Hexene, Pentene and Octene is produced via extraction from Synthol Light Oil, whist Octene and SafolTM is produced via extraction and conversion of Heptene and C11/C12 alpha olefins respectively.
  • Our fertiliser division produces limestone ammonium nitrate (LAN), ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate-based granular and liquid fertilisers and nitric acid to industrial clients, farmers and fertiliser companies.

Our explosives division produces commercial explosives, a wide range of specialised blasting accessories and diversified bulk explosives.