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The Sasol Slurry Phase DistillateTM Process (Sasol SPD™ process) is at the core of Sasol’s GTL technology. The three stage process combines three leading proprietary technologies.

In the first Reforming stage, natural gas is combined with oxygen to form a syngas which is then subjected to conversion in the Sasol Low Temperature Fischer TropschTM (Sasol LTFT™) Process for the production of  waxy syncrude. Finally this product is cracked down and refined in a Product Work Up step to produce the synthetic end products.

The strength of the Sasol SPD™ process is not simply the inherent quality of the three component technologies but the way they are combined and further integrated to increase efficiency and optimise output.

This efficient integration is founded on Sasol’s unrivalled experience spanning more than 60 years of synthetic fuels production.


















At the heart of the three-step Sasol SPD™ Process - tailored specifically for GTL applications - is the Sasol LTFT™ Process. In an exciting development in response to ongoing demand for our expertise, Sasol has embarked on expanding its technology activities beyond Sasol-owned GTL projects only, to also include the selective licensing of its proprietary Sasol LTFT™ Process and associated Effluent Treatment technologies to projects in which Sasol holds no equity interest.

We frequently engage with interested parties on how our Sasol LTFT™ Process technology could create value for them and will assist in assessing potential prospects.

For more information on potential technology licensing options, please contact:

Mr. Theo Pretorius

Vice President: Licensing, Technology & IP Management