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Trading BEE ordinary shares

Dear investor

In order to fulfill our commitment to our shareholders, we and the JSE have been working for over a year to expand the JSE’s existing share trading market to include the trading of Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares, purchased through the Sasol Inzalo cash invitation in 2008. This has been a ground breaking initiative requiring a great deal of time and effort on our part and that of the JSE and various other role players. Our shareholders overwhelmingly endorsed the decision to list the Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares on the JSE at our general meeting held during November 2010.

The JSE’s BEE scheme share trading facility has now been established. From Monday, 7 February 2011, subject to the amendments to the JSE’s and STRATE’s rules and directives having been formally approved, Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares will be listed on the JSE resulting in Sasol BEE Ordinary Shareholders being able to trade their Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares, with BEE Compliant Persons, on the JSE.

In line with our commitment to broad-based shareholder development, we have planned road shows in all the provinces of the country to provide insight and guidance on the mechanics of trading shares on the JSE. No investment advice will be given.

We are pleased to have partnered with the JSE to create this BEE scheme share trading facility that will make it easier to buy and sell Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares. This listing indeed marks an exciting time for trading of Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares.

Nolitha Fakude
Executive director
Sasol Limited