Stepping up our efforts to combat COVID-19

Health and science experts the world over are warning that the number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases are, and, will continue to increase dramatically over the coming months.
Across all our workplaces we have introduced COVID-19 rules to help keep our people and sites safe. Leaders, with advice and support from our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) colleagues and other functional experts, have rolled out initiatives such as awareness information, hand sanitisers and masks. We have also enabled working-from-home for employees who can work remotely and whose physical presence is not required at their normal place of work.  
As significant as these measures are, we do realise that fatigue can become a very real factor in coping with the restrictions to contain the virus in the workplace, home and in public. Constant news and information on the pandemic can also be overwhelming.

Given the significant risk the virus continues to pose, we must practice strict hygiene and safety protocols to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of our employees, loved ones and the communities in which we live and operate in.
We are developing an enhanced global COVID-19 employee and education support programme to supplement efforts already being carried out in our various regions. The campaign will include communication and engagement programmes to heighten awareness and education for our employees, their families and our communities.
Underpinning this initiative is a call to action for each one of us to take a stand and be active citizens in this fight. By knowing the facts and taking appropriate precautions we can all play our part in defeating this virus.