fbpx Supply Categories and Commodities

Supply Categories and Commodities

In order to maintain safe, reliable operations, we depend on our partners to supply the goods and services that drive our integrated value chain. This is a comprehensive list of the goods and services which Sasol occasionally requires. Please note that Sasol only procures through formal requests, this list is only for information purposes.


Bulk Mechanical
Ball Valves

API 6D - Pipeline Ball Valves
Floating Ball Valves
Multi Port Ball Valves
Severe Service Ball Valves
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
Non Petrochemical Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

CWP Rated Butterfly Valves
P-T Rated Butterfly Valves

Change Over Valves

Change Over Valves

Check Valves - Special

Dual Plate Check Valves
Non-slam Axial Flow Check Valves
Single Plate Check Valves
Tilting Disc Check Valves
Triple Eccentric Check Valves

Cock Valves

Cock Valves

Deluge Valves

Deluge Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Fired Equipment


Fired Equipment Spares

Fire Equipment Spares - Other
Boiler and Convection Tubes

Gate Valves - Special

Knife Gate Valves
Resilient Seated Gate Valves
Split Wedge Gate Valves

GGC - Generic Valves

GGC Cast - Class 600 and Below
GGC Forged - Class 800 and Below

GGC Special Valves

GGC - -45 Degrees Celcius and Below Service
GGC - HF Alkylation Service
GGC - Hydrogen Service
GGC - Oxygen Service
GGC - Sour Service
GGC Cast - Class 900 and Above
GGC Cast - MP and HP Steam
GGC Forged - Class 900 and Above
GGC Forged - MP and HP Steam Service

Other Valves

Syncat Valves
Xmas Tree Valves
Non Ferous Valves
Cast Iron Valves

PFF - Overland Line Pipe

Overland Line Pipe

PFF - Process Pipe - CS

Flanges - Carbon Steel
Forged Fittings - Carbon Steel
Pipe - Carbon Steel
Wrought Fittings - Carbon Steel

PFF - Process Pipe - CrMo

Flanges - Chrome Moly
Forged Fittings - Chrome Moly
Pipe - Chrome Moly
Wrought Fittings - Chrome Moly

PFF - Process Pipe - Exotic

Flanges - Exotic Steel
Forged Fittings - Exotic Steel
Pipe - Exotic
Wrought Fittings - Exotic Steel

PFF - Process Pipe - SS

Flanges - Stainless Steel
Forged Fittings - Stainless Steel
Pipe - Stainless Steel
Wrought Fittings - Stainless Steel

Pinch Valves

Pinch Valves

Pipe Bending

Cold Pulled Bends
Hot Induction Bends

Plug Valves

DBB Expanding Plug Valves
HF Alkylation Service Plug Valves
Lubricated Plug Valves
Multiport Plug Valves
Non-lubricated Fully Lined Plug Valves
Non-lubricated Sleeved-lined Plug Valves
Chlorine Service

Pressure Vessel Components

Heat Exchanger Tubes - Carbon Steel
Heat Exchanger Tubes - Duplex
Heat Exchanger Tubes - Other
Heat Exchanger Tubes - Stainless Steel

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
Columns - Carbon Steel
Columns - Chrome Moly Steel
Columns - Other Steel
olumns - Stainless Steel
Drums - Carbon Steel
Drums - Chrome Moly Steel
Drums - Other Steel
Drums - Stainless Steel
Heat Exchangers - Carbon Steel
Heat Exchangers - Chrome Moly Steel
Heat Exchangers - Other Steel
Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel
Reactors - Carbon Steel
Reactors - Chrome Moly Steel
Reactors - Other Steel
Reactors - Stainless Steel
Spheres - Carbon Steel
Spheres - Chrome Moly Steel
Spheres - Other Steel
Spheres - Stainless Steel

Tanks and Silos

Shop Fabricated Tanks

PFF - Other

Non Petrochemical PFF

Valve Spares

Butterfly Valve Spares
Ball Valve Spares
Plug Valve Spares
Diaphragm Valve Spares

General Consumables

General Hardware
Hand Tools
Overtime Meals
Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
Document  Storage and Management

Quality Control Management

Quality Control
Condition Monitoring

Building Maintenance

Asbestos Removal
Building Maintenance Works
Building Maintenance Works-Demolitions
Building Maintenance Works-Alterations
Building Maintenance Works-Earthworks
Building Maintenance Works-Pre-cast Concrete
Building Maintenance Works-Concrete
Building Maintenance Works-Formwork
Building Maintenance Works-Steel Reinforcement
Building Maintenance Works-Masonry
Building Maintenance Works-Waterproofing
Building Maintenance Works-Roof Coverings; Claddings etc
Building Maintenance Works-Carpentry and Joinery
Building Maintenance Works-Ceilings; Partitions and Access Flooring
Building Maintenance Works-Floor Coverings; Wall Linings etc
Building Maintenance Works-Ironmongery
Building Maintenance Works-Structural Steel
Building Maintenance Works-Metalwork
Building Maintenance Works-Plastering
Building Maintenance Works-Tiling
Building Maintenance Works-Plumbing and Drainage
Building Maintenance Works-Electrical Work (Housing only)
Building Maintenance Works-Glazing
Building Maintenance Works-Paintwork
Building Maintenance Works-Paperhanging
Building Maintenance Works-Scaffolding; Life Lines; Safety Nets and Alternative Access
Building Maintenance Works-Day Works and other
Building Maintenance Works-Safety
Building Maintenance Works-Asbestos or Similar hazardous Fibre Based Construction Materials
Floor Coverings and Decor
Sheeting Maintenance
Shop Fitting and Cabinet Making
Solar Heat
Specialised Doors
Specialised Glazing and Aluminium Doors and Windows

Civil Consultants

Civil Consultants

Civil Maintenance

Civil Maintenance Works
Industrial Plumbing
Precast Concrete
Specialised Concrete Repairs and Coatings







Hiring of Earthmoving Equipment

Hiring of Earthmoving Equipment

Medium Term Contracts

Medium Term Contracts





Road Maintenance and Paving

Road Maintenance and Paving

Smoke Stack Cleaning and Access

Smoke Stack Cleaning and Access



Fuel Stations

Shop Bill of Quantities
Civil Bill of Quantities
Provisional Sums
Shop Fitting
Forecourt Installations
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Pump and Tank Installation
Pump and Tank Electrical Installation
Tank Gauging and Environmental Monitoring Systems
Pertroplas Pipes Associated Fittings and STP

Safety and Quality Management

Breathing Apparatus
Fire Management
Custom Hearing Protection
Prescription Safety Spectacles
Fire Equipment
Weather Warning

Construction Contracting
Single Discipline Construction Services

Electrical & Instrumentation
Mechanical & Piping
Civil & Structural

Multidiscipline Construction


Electrical Control and Instrumentation

Analysers Maintenance
Lab Based Analyser
Metallurgical Based Analyser
Plant Based Analyser


Cables Accessories
Cables Fibre Optic
Cables High Voltage
Cables Low Voltage
Cables Maintenance
Cables Medium Voltage
Cables Miscellaneous

Calibration and Repair of Equipment

Calibration and Repair

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection Maintenance
Cathodic Protection Services
Cathodic Protection Spares
Cathodic Protection Systems

Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Control and Instrumentation Engineering Services
ECI Services and Cables Maintenance
ECI Services and Lighting Maintenance
ECI Services and Switchgear Maintenance
Electrical Engineering Services
General Electrical Maintenance
General Instrumentation Maintenance
Specialized Electrical Maintenance
Specialized Instrumentation Maintenance

Electrical Motors and Generators

Commercial Generators
Generator Accessories
Generator Maintenance
Generator Spares
Industrial Generators
Low Voltage Motors
Medium Voltage Motors
Motor Accessories
Motor Direct Current
Motor Maintenance
Motor Spares

Electrical Spare Parts and Consumables

Electrical Consumables
Electrical Spare Parts

Field Instrumentation and Transmitters

Field Instrumentation (Valves and Accessories)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Accessories)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Consumables)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Gauges)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Maintenance)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Spare Parts)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Switches)
Field Instrumentation and Transmitters (Transmitters)


Commercial HVAC
Industrial HVAC
Maintenance HVAC


Lighting Accessories
Lighting Commercial
Lighting Industrial
Lighting Maintenance
Lighting Spares

Process Automation Systems

DCS Systems
ESD Systems
Maintenance and Configuration Services
PLC Systems
Process Automation Systems (Accessories)

Process Automation Valve

Actuator Electrical
Actuator Hydraulic
Actuator Pneumatic
Air Regulator
Process Automation Valve (Accessories)
Process Automation Valve (Body)
Process Automation Valve (Complete Valve)
Process Automation Valve (Maintenance)
Process Automation Valve (Positioner)
Process Automation Valve (Proximity Switch)
Process Automation Valve (Solenoid)

Rotating Equipment Protection and Control

Instrumentation Consumables
Instrumentation Modules
Rotating Equipment Protection and Control Maintenance
Rotating Equipment Protection and Control Software
Rotating Equipment Protection and Control Training

Standby Power (UPS and Batteries)

Batteries Other
Battery Charger Unit
Battery Charger Unit Batteries
Commercial UPS
Industrial UPS
Standby Power (UPS and Batteries) Maintenance
Standby Power (UPS and Batteries) Spares
UPS Batteries


EC and I Electrical Engineering Services
Low Voltage Switchgear
Medium or High Voltage Switchgear (33kv and Above)
Medium Voltage Switchgear (3.3kv or 6.6kv or 11kv)
Small Power
Switchgear Maintenance
Switchgear Spares


Transformers Accessories
Transformers Distribution
Transformers Lighting
Transformers Maintenance
Transformers Power
Transformers Spares

Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives Direct Current
Variable Speed Drives Low Voltage
Variable Speed Drives Maintenance
Variable Speed Drives Medium Voltage
Variable Speed Drives Spares

Engineering Contracting
Single Discipline Professional Services

Electrical & Instrumentation
Mechanical & Piping
Civil & Structural

Multi Discipline Professional Services

Project Management
Project Controls
Commercial Management

Facilities and Assets

Container Rentall


Agricultural Items
Domestic Cleaning
Garden Services
Hygiene Services
Laundry Services
Lease Agreements
London Project
Mobile Ablution
Office Furniture
Pest Control
Plant Cleaning
Sasol Club and Gym
Tents and Tarpaulins
International Projects
Facilities Management

Sasol Place

Sasol Place

Security Services

Security Services


Car Wash
New Purchases
Tracking Systems
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Rental
Vehicle Repairs
Vehicle Spares


Passenger Transport

Catering Services

Canteens and Tuck shops

Water Coolers

Water Coolers

Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines

ICT Connectivity and Telecommunication Services

ICT Connectivity Services
ICT Voice and Data

ICT Hardware

ICT Desktops - Laptops and Accessories
ICT Specialised Hardware

ICT Infrastructure and Hosting Services

ICT Cloud Services
ICT Infrastructure and Hosting Services
ICT Security

ICT MES Services

ICT Access Control and Applications
ICT IIT Maintenance and Support Services and Applications
ICT MES Maintenance and Support Services and Applications

ICT Printing

ICT Managed Printing Services
ICT Printing Hardware
ICT Printing Peripherals and Accessories

ICT Professional Services (Resources)

ICT ERP or SAP Resources
ICT IT Resources
ICT MES or IIT Resources
PMO Resources

ICT Service Desk and Workspace Services

ICT Audio Visual
ICT Service Desk - Workspace and Desktop Application

ICT Software and Managed Services

ICT Application Management Services
ICT Fuel Systems
ICT Software License Cost
ICT Software Maintenance

Industrial Facilities

Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Coatings
AIP Labour
Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (Cherry Pickers)
Rope Access and Lifelines

Cranes and Rigging

Auxiliary Equipment
Crane Maintenance Spares
Cranes and Rigging Labour
Heavy Transport
Maintenance of Lifting Equipment
Mobile Cranes
Overhead Cranes
Rigging Services
Turnkey Solutions

Industrial Cleaning

Catalyst Handling
Chemical Cleaning
Fin Fan Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning Labour
Online Ball Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Water Jetting

Industrial Equipment

Hire and Maintenance of Material Handling Equipment
Hire of Air Compressors and Generators
Hire of Pumps
Industrial Equipment Maintenance Labour
Industrial Equipment Spares
Lean and Vehicle Lifts
Maintenance of Lifts and Elevators
Material Handling
Mobile Plant

Waste Management

Domestic Waste
Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste
Reclamation Services





Sasol London

Integrated Management Services


Environmental Management
Environmental Auditing
Environmental Monitoring

Input Materials and Packaging

General Catalyst
Input Materials Catalyst
Lime Stone
Mill Scale
Refinery and Solvents Catalyst


Finished Product
Input Materials Chemicals
Process Materials Chemicals
Raw Materials Chemicals
Refinery Additives Chemicals
Semi-Finished Product
Traded Product

Explosive Materials or Components

Explosives Components
Explosives Finished Product
Explosives Input Materials
Explosives Process Materials
Explosives Raw Materials
Explosives Raw Materials and Packaging Plastics
Explosives Trading Product


Input Materials Fertilizer
Raw Materials Fertilizer
Trading Product

Fuel and Lubricants Additives

Fuel Oil Additives
Lubricants Additives
Process Fuel Additives
Refinery Diesel Additives
Refinery Gasoline Additives
Toll Blending of Lubricants
Supply of Lubricants and Coolants


Packaging Coke
Packaging Intermediate Bulk Containers
Packaging Paper
Packaging Plastic
Packaging Steel
Packaging Wood

Precious Metals

Precious Metal Leases
Precious Metal Services
Precious Metals

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Chemicals
Water Treatment Input Materials
Water Treatment Services
Water Treatment Services and Chemicals

Marine Logistics
Box Container Shipping

Box Container Export-Freight
Box Container Import-Freight
Box Container-Unplanned Costs

Bulk Chemical Shipping

Barging Related Costs-Bulk Chemical Shipping
Bulk Chemical Shipping-Unplanned Costs
Bulk Shipping Freight (Chemicals)
Demurrage-Bulk Chemical Shipping
Ship Vetting-Bulk Chemical Shipping
Time Charter Cost-Bunkers
Time Charter Cost-Other

Bulk Liquid Storage

Bulk Liquid Storage-Electricity or Heating Costs
Drumming and Containerisation Costs
Nitrogen Services
Tank Rental Charges
CVL4 Import VAT
CDL5 Import Duties
Cutler Security Levies

Clean Petroleum Products Shipping

Barging Related Costs-Clean Petroleum Products
Bulk Shipping Freight (CPP-Coastal)
Demurrage-Clean Petroleum Products-Coastal
Demurrage-Clean Petroleum Products-International

Clearing and Forwarding

Clearing and Forwarding Services (Import and Export Shipments)
Clearing and Forwarding Services-Air Related
Import Duties
Import VAT
Logistics Services

Crude Oil Shipping

Bulk Shipping Freight (Crude Oil)
Demurrage-Crude Oil Shipping

Dry Bulk Shipping

Bulk Shipping Freight (Dry Bulk)
Demurrage-Dry Bulk Shipping
Dry Bulk Shipping-Unplanned Costs

Dry Bulk Storage

Dry Bulk Port Related Logistics
Dry Bulk Warehouse Storage and Handling

Inspection and Testing Services

Inspection-Sampling and Testing Services-Bulk Chemicals
Inspection-Sampling and Testing Services-Other


Insurance Related Costs

Intermodal Storage

ISO Container Storage or Container Storage


Blessing Fee
Chamber of Commerce
Manual Additive Dosing
Unplanned Costs

Packaged Goods Warehousing

Palletised Cargo Warehouse Handling
Palletised Cargo Warehouse-Distribution Costs
Palletised Cargo Warehousing Lease Costs

Port Charges

Port Cargo Dues and Port Related Costs

Tank Container Shipping

Demurrage-Tank Container Shipping
ISO Container-Freight
ISO Container-Rental
ISO Container-Unplanned Costs

Marine Logistics

Mechanical Level Measurement (Glasses;Floats;Gauges)
Overpressure Protection (PRV;Bursting Disks;Vent Valves;etc)



Fans and Blowers

Cooling Tower;Fin Fan;Vacuum Blower;Lobe Blowers;Ancillaries


Fasteners (Industrial and General)

Fired Equipment

Boilers and Spares(Fired Heater;Service;Flares;Incinerators)

Flexible Joints

Metallic and Non-metallic Expansion Joints

Gas Engines

Gas Engines



Heat Exchange Equipment

Proprietary Heat Exchangers (Compabloc;Plate and Shell;etc.)

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Equipment Spares and Services(Hoses;Cylinders;etc)

Miscellaneous Mechanical

Fire Systems (Fire Hydrant;Deluge Valve;Spray Nozzle;etc)
Special Components(Ceramic Feral;Swage Fittings;Springs;etc)

Mixing and Blending

Static and Rotating Mixers (Agitators;Stirrers;Mixers;etc)


Non-Metallic (Tanks and Vessels and Pipes)
Non-Metallic Ancillaries (Valves and Fittings and etc.)

Pipes and Fittings and Flanges

Hot Induction Bending and Cold Pulled Bending

Piping and Loading Equipment

Pipe Supports and Maintenance
Product Loading Equipment;Flexible Hoses;Folding Stairs

Power Transmission Components

Bearing; Coupling; Sprocket; Pulley; V Belt; Drive Chain; etc

Process Compressor

Centrifugal Compressor;Steam or Gas Turbins and Ancillaries
Positive Displ;Wear Parts for Recip Compressor;Ancillaries

Processing and Packaging Machines

Bagging;Packaging;Labelling;Process Conveyor;Processing;etc


Centrifugal Pumps
Positive Displacement Pumps
Submersible Pumps


Rotating Seals (Mechanical Seal;Dry Gas Seal;Labyrinth Seal)
Static Seals (Gaskets;Packing;Static Seals;Isolating Joints)

Separation and Filtration

Elements and Spares
Filter Housings

Steam Equipment

Steam Equipment (Monitoring and Maintenance)


Alloy Steels and Exotic Materials and Specialised Services
General Steel (Sheets;Structural; Channel;I-Beam;Angles;etc)
Specialised Forgings (Tube Sheet Forgings and Tool Steels)
Steel Castings and Forgings

Utility Compressors

General Utility Application
Package Air Compressors and Ancillaries
Refrigeration Compressors and Ancillaries

Valves (Mechanical) Services

Valve Locks
Valves Refurbishment

Water Treatment Equipment

Bio Works;Dosing System;Corrosion Inhibitor Systems;etc

Mechanical Fabrication
Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Engineering Services

Draughting and Engineering Services
Equipment Specialist
Licensor Technical Support Agreement

Fabricated Spare Parts

Anodes and Cathodes Refurbishment
Gasifier Spares and Other Spares

Inspection Services

AIA Service
Approved Inspector of Pressure Equipment and Competent Person(IPE and CP)
Non Destructive Examination (NDT)
Shutdown Labour
Training of Inspectors

Mechanical Maintenance

Crushing and Riddling
Leak Testing
Machining Services
On-Line Leak Sealing
Precipitator Maintenance
Pump and Tank Maintenance
Tank Maintenance
Turnkey Maintenance
Wall and Soot Blowers
Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing Services

Metallic Welding Services

Boiler General Overhaul (GO)
Gasifier General Overhaul (GO)
Generic Metallic Welding Services
Heat Treatment
Hot Tapping Services
Metal Spray and Weld Overlay Service
Pipeline Maintenance
Welding Consumables
Wetscreening General Overhaul (GO)
Retube and Equipment Replacement

Metallurgical services

Metallurgical services

Non-metallic Welding Services

Non-metallic Welding Services

Bulk Material Handling

Stockpile Management


Conveyor Related Repairs
Conveyors and Accessories
Frames or Structures
Screens and Feeding Equipment
Stackers and Reclaimers

Flameproof Diesel Equipment

Flameproof Load Haul Dumper
Flameproof Tractor Trailers
Flameproof Tractors and Multipurpose Vehicles
Non Flameproof Underground Light Delivery Vehicles

Geological Services

Directional Drilling
Exploration Drilling

Integrated or Specialised Services

In Section Dust Suppression
Mining Specific Consulting
Out of Section Dust Suppression
Plant Maintenance
Underground Equipment Proximity Detection Systems
Underground Safety Monitoring Systems

Mining Operating Materials

Mining Explosives
Picks and Sleeves
Roof Bolts
Roof Support Accessories
Roof Support Drill Bits
Roof Support Drill Steel
Roof Support Mesh
Roof Support Resin
Stone Dust

Mining Support Equipment and Consumables

Feeder Breakers and Crushers
Mining Ventilation and Hoists
Water Articulation

Raw Materials

Coal Processing Magnetite
Mining Coal Purchases
Road Maintenance Material

Underground Services

Conveyors and Stone Dust Barrier Services
Roof Support Services
Stone Dust Sampling
Substations and Cable Repairs
Underground Explosive and Water Seals
Ventilation Structure Services

Underground Production Equipment

Continuous Miners
Roof Bolters
Shuttle Cars

Overland Logistics
Land Based transportation

Pipeline Transport
Rail Transport
Road Transport

Wagon Maintenance

RTC Repair

Professional Services and Resourcing
Courier Services

Local and International Courier

HR Services

Hired Labour Blue and White Collar
Recruitment Services
Safety Standbys


Personnel Skills Training
Talent Management

Legal Services

Legal Services

PSR Consultants

Assurance and Advisory
Business Management
Quantity Surveyors

Public Affairs

Events Management




Travel Management Services



Products of Air


Utilities Sundries

Electricity Charges
Municipality Rates
Water Charges



Industrial Gases