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Ethics at Sasol

Our Sasol Values were specifically written to reflect ownership (notice the "we" statements) as well as actionability (notice the verbs in each statement).  This helps us approach our values in a very practical manner.  To further ensure that there is a common understanding of our values and what they imply, the values descriptors offer a generic starting point. The descriptors are not intended to be rules, as such, but rather to guide individuals and teams in conversations about how to make the values real and so they can be lived on a daily basis.  How values are effectively lived should be firmly grounded in the realities and challenges of each team.  Importantly, once a team has defined this, it should be kept alive through regular reflection, conversation and mutual learning.

  Value Value Descriptor

We ensure that SAFETY, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT is a top priority 

I care about my own safety and  that of every colleague and person I work with.  I take a stand, speak up and own issues related to safety, health and environment.

We care for OUR PEOPLE and support their development

I approach any task as an opportunity to collaborate, learn and support the people I work with. I celebrate my colleagues' successes and support their potential to develop further.
We value and promote DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION I know that my success is strengthened by the people I work with, especially when they differ from me. I make a point of seeking out and listening to my colleagues' views, no matter who they are or where they come from. I am aware of my own biases and challenge them constantly.
We act with RESPECT AND INTEGRITY at all times I have the courage to "walk the talk" and do the right thing without needing to be checked or supervised.  I speak up when others do not. I consider others as equals and treat them the way I would like to be treated.
We COMPLY with all applicable legal requirements I am alert and responsive to any legal compliance matters related to my work and take action when I see any non-compliance. 

We take OWNERSHIP AND ACCOUNTABILITY for our individual and team performance

I embrace a can-do attitude and strive for excellence in meeting my own performance targets, as well as those of my team.  I have the courage to own and acknowledge my mistakes in order to learn from them.


I can be trusted to deliver the right quality at the right time.  I go beyond what is expected to ensure my customers and other stakeholders are satisfied.