fbpx Sasol and Sustainability

Sasol and Sustainability

Sasol’s group executive committee (GEC) formally adopted sustainable development as a group-wide strategic business objective in 2000. Since then, we have taken steps towards embedding sustainable development principles in our activities.

Through our sustainable development management framework we provide our businesses with the policies, governance structures, targets and reporting systems needed to manage the risks and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing global environment. These policies, structures and targets assist our businesses in developing and implementing systems and procedures that are in line with our group’s commitment to sustainable development.

We believe that there is a strong causal link between promoting sustainable development and achieving our strategic growth objectives. At its most fundamental level, our business performs best in a stable and prosperous society. Growing our business depends on our ability to attract and retain the best employees, on ensuring continued access to vital natural resources and feedstock, and on maintaining positive and trust-based relationships with our key stakeholders. Achieving each of these elements requires us to operate in an informed, responsive and socially responsible manner.