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Community development

Sasol is a significant employer and investor in the health, education and skills of local communities across Southern Africa in partnership with local authorities, NGOs and the business community. As public services come under extreme pressure, we know we have to find new ways to listen, collaborate and invest to play a positive role in the priorities of these communities. Our focus is on improving service delivery, access to health services as well as significant investments in education and skills development. In response to community concerns and needs, we have made a concerted effort to enhance our small business development value proposition. The Sasol Inzalo Foundation bursaries have now been expanded to include non-science, technology, engineering and mathematics qualifications. Regarding service delivery in our fence-line communities in South Africa we remain concerned about the effectiveness of local government in delivering required services. While we continue to support service delivery effectiveness, we recognise that more sustainable solutions to local government effectiveness must be found. 

In South Africa Sasol engages with communities to address concerns raised and co-create sustainable solutions to some of the more difficult challenges. During the year, we have had a number of engagements with local economic development and community forums focusing on finding ways in working together to address local challenges. We have also engaged on a national level to explore how Sasol can support local government to be more sustainable. Engagements have focused on community development, local government collaboration on infrastructure projects, as well as our offset projects aimed at improving air quality. In Mozambique, engagements with our Community Liaison Forum focused on ensuring fair job allocation amongst communities and to finding solutions to issues of mutual interest.

Our North American operations have developed regional social investment signature projects based on feedback received from a wide spectrum of community  stakeholders, as well as Sasol employees. These initiatives are built on a foundation of partnerships with local residents and community organisations that have a vested interest in the success of the programmes. Finally, a number of programmes have been developed in Qatar, including Definitely Able and Accessible Qatar, focusing on inclusion and awareness of the disabled community in society.