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The Secunda Chemicals Operations hub, under the leadership of Marinus Sieberhagen, forms part of the Southern African Operations and is the consolidation of all the chemical operating facilities in Secunda, along with Site Services activities.

The Secunda Chemicals hub produces a diverse range of products that include industrial explosives, fertilisers; polypropylene, ethylene and propylene; solvents (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), ethanol, n-Propanol, iso-propanol, SABUTOL™, PROPYLOL™, mixed C3 and C4 alcohols, mixed C5 and C6 alcohols, High Purity Ethanol, and Ethyl Acetate) as well as the co-monomers, 1-hexene, 1-pentene and 1-octene and detergent alcohol (SafolTM).

In addition Secunda Chemicals Operations also provides Sites Services, Infrastructure Maintenance and Product Logistics Services for the Secunda site.