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Sasol Turbofuels R95 and R93 petrol contain the latest generation fuel
additives that clean the engine and reduce friction.



Clean is Good

Sasol Turbofuels limit the build-up of carbon deposits in your car’s engine.

In older, port fuel injected engines Sasol Turbofuels dramatically reduces the formation of inlet valve deposits (IVDs) and will also clean up existing deposits caused by lower quality fuels.

In the latest gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines, deposits may form inside the fuel injector holes. These deposits disrupt the delicate and precise fuel spray pattern that is required to ensure optimum fuel mixing and combustion.

Our in-house testing has shown that dirty injectors can cause an increase in fuel consumption and particle emissions (unburned fuel droplets) as well as a deterioration in engine power. Sasol Turbofuels contain a deposit control additive that specifically limits the formation of these deposits.





Let it Slide

Together with an advanced deposit control additive, our petrol products contain a friction modifier additive.

Friction modifiers are introduced into the combustion chamber via the fuel and ultimately reach the cylinder walls where they reduce friction in the piston ring area to bring about immediate fuel economy benefits. Some of the additive is captured in the thin oil film on the cylinder walls and is then transferred into the oil sump where it accumulates over time, providing further long-term friction reduction benefits throughout the engine.





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Specifics Every Petrolhead Should Know



Clean and operating optimally

In latest technology engines (GDI), deposit control additives (DCA) will keep the fuel injectors clean and operating optimally.

DCAs are important

If no DCA is used, fuel injector performance will deteriorate and increase fuel consumption and ultra-fine particle emissions.

What about older engines?

Sasol Turbofuels will clean up carbon deposits on inlet valves and keep them clean.

Increased power

A clean engine that uses Sasol Turbofuels will show an increase in engine power and a decrease in carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

Reduce friction

Sasol Turbofuels improves fuel economy by up to 1.5% through the use of a friction modifier additive

Less environmental harm

The ultra low sulphur content of Sasol Turbofuels enables the use of the very latest exhaust after-treatment technologies.

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