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Fuel Saving Tips

Reduce your environmental impact and save fuel with Sasol Turbofuels’ fuel saving tips.


Use premium quality fuel

Sasol Turbofuels keeps your engine clean and operating efficiently, thereby saving you fuel.


Open windows increase the aerodynamic drag of your car, especially at higher speeds. To save fuel, keep your windows closed.

Driving style

Hard acceleration and braking use much more fuel than when you accelerate gently and allow your car to coast down to a stop.

  Air conditioner

Your car’s air conditioning system is driven by the engine, using it, puts an additional load on the engine. For the best fuel economy, use your air conditioner sparingly.

Tyre pressure

Under-inflated tyres have higher rolling resistance and will increase fuel consumption. Some vehicles have different tyre pressure recommendations for “efficiency” or “comfort” – choose the higher pressures under the efficiency recommendation.


Fuel consumption increases exponentially with vehicle speed, so driving at moderate speeds will save you money.