fbpx Africa Oil Week: 3 - 7 November, Cape Town

Africa Oil Week: 3 - 7 November, Cape Town

Empowering Africa: Africa Oil Week 3-7 November, 2014

Unlocking Africa’s potential

Stimulating regional co-operation

Actively growing our upstream base

Given the fact that nine of the 17 largest gas discoveries in the last five years were in sub-Saharan Africa, we see significant hydrocarbon potential in the region. Accordingly, we continue to explore for hydrocarbons to expand our upstream base and help grow the region into the future.



South Africa

Adding value through in-country monetisation

Capitalising on the economic opportunities associated with in-country monetisation of oil and gas resources stimulates economic growth, local development and employment.

Gas has several other advantages:

  • Gas emits 40% less carbon dioxide than coal for the same energy produced.
  • Gas is more flexible and cleaner burning than coal; and.
  • Gas can be used in conjunction with a renewable energy source, such as wind or solar power, to provide a constant electricity supply to the grid.


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Growing in a responsible and sustainable manner

Being a responsible and sustainable organisation is paramount to Sasol. In practice, this means we prioritise ways to limit the environmental and social impacts of our activities, ensuring our presence results in positive benefits for our stakeholders. The evidence in achieving this vision, is highlighted by the fact that the World Bank has cited the natural gas project in Mozambique as a benchmark for undertaking new investments in Africa in terms of social, political and environmental criteria.

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Investing in Africa’s Success: Expanding our African footprint

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