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Value Chain

No company in the world can match Sasol’s more than 60 years of experience in the production of synthetic fuels. Since the middle of the last century, Sasol’s innovative technology has been generating fuel solutions from non-crude oil sources. Sasol is the only company to have comprehensively developed and operated commercial scale, cobalt-based Fisher-Tropsch processes.

From the earliest days when coal was the only feedstock, Sasol’s technology has developed to the point where we are now able to process natural gas and produce synthetic products with an environmental profile that is far superior to anything previously achieved.
In an industry which is inherently innovative, experience matters. With successful commercial operations on two continents, Sasol’s technology excellence in the past is the guarantee for innovative energy solutions in the future.
Finally, the premium qualities of GTL need to be promoted to the market and new market opportunities need to be developed in order to maximise the full commercial potential of GTL. As the global energy slate evolves the role of GTL will expand and the premium opportunities will expand with it. The commercialisation of GTL was a major achievement and fundamentally depended on a demonstrable ability to maximise value at every point of the value chain – the right partners, the right technology, the ability to project manage a massive venture, understand the product offering and, finally, to deliver that offering to market.