Johannesburg, South Africa – Sasol’s ambition is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, while simultaneously growing its business and creating value for its stakeholders. Mobility is key to achieving this, and Sasol has an ambitious customer centric strategy to win in the market. This strategy is rooted in deep commitment to building a leading value proposition for Sasol customers, while leveraging a truly South African brand, and strong placement in the heart of the country. 

Providing a leading value proposition for their customers will require close partnerships with other loved brands. Sasol is therefore excited to announce a strategic partnership with McDonald’s South Africa. The two businesses are aiming to complement each other and enhance the customer experience in the mobility space, modernising and digitising offerings in a sustainable and responsible way. 

This partnership has already seen three projects materialise, adding McDonald’s drive thru’s to the Marlboro, Waterfall, and Allandale Sasol sites. Beyond this, the two companies will continue to roll out additional McDonald’s drive-thru’s across its network and are jointly investigating other innovative solutions for their customers. 

“We are excited to progress this strategic partnership with McDonald’s”, says Priscillah Mabelane, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Sasol’s Energy Business. “Sasol aims to deliver the leading experience for our customers along every aspect of their journey, and this partnership is a significant step in achieving that ambition.” 

“McDonald’s South Africa welcomes this new and exciting collaboration with Sasol. As big brands our responsibility to our customers, our communities, our country and our world has never been more important. In Sasol we find a partner who is thinking the same.”, says Greg Solomon, McDonald’s South Africa Chief Executive Officer (CEO).