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Sasol at COP26

Sasol is attending COP26 in support of the South African government and its climate change goals. We have committed to a net zero emissions goal by 2050 and we’re positioned to play a leading role in enabling Southern Africa’s energy transition.

In demonstrating our commitment to the call for greater ambition, we are striving for a net zero emissions ambition by 2050, supported by emission reduction roadmaps and a mid-term target of 30% emission reduction by 2030.  In addition, we are aiming for a 20% emission reduction by 2030 from our scope 3: Category 11 emissions

As an Energy Champion in South Africa, we are leading the development of the green hydrogen and gas economy and spurring the acceleration of renewables deployment in the country.


Local demand will be a critical enabler to anchor green hydrogen export opportunities for the region.

To support incubation of local demand, Sasol is advancing a number of catalytic projects that will stimulate the development of the Southern Africa hydrogen economy in partnership with public and private sector entities.

We have established several partnerships, with a number of organisations including Central Energy Fund (CEF), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Imperial and Toyota focusing on the development and acceleration of the hydrogen economy.


ICYMI | Sasol and Toyota Motor Corporation (South Africa Motors) form green hydrogen mobility partnership.

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To this end, we have signed a memorandum of agreement with the Gauteng Government to collaborate in the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) to stimulate fuel cell technology investments in the automobile industry, as well as to accelerate the development of green steel potential in the province.

In addition, we are considering multiple greenfield export opportunities in Southern Africa, including Boegoebaai, Coega, Prieska and Namibia, with partners such as IDC, CEF, Port of Rotterdam, Northern Cape Government, Haldor Topsoe and Mahlako Energy.

Boegoebaai has the potential to scale to a $10 billion investment bringing unprecedented economic growth and stimulating jobs in the Northern Cape Region. At full capacity the Boegoebaai plant could drive the development of ~9GW of dedicated Renewable Energy capacity (twice the total installed national renewable energy capacity of today). This, together with export sales from the facility could create up to 6000 permanent jobs and more than 50 000 temporary jobs.


[Read] Chemicals and energy giant Sasol has announced a first-of-its-kind memorandum of agreement with the Northern Cape government to conduct a two-year feasibility study for a landmark green hydrogen project in the province’s Boegoebaai.#SIDSSA21https://t.co/FvJ71yYFIy pic.twitter.com/4dQ74BMl4e

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Sasol is the world leader in Fischer Tropsch (FT) technology with demonstrated innovation and operational experience. Our unique FT technologies can be used in the conversion of CO2 and green hydrogen into a multitude of sustainable chemicals and fuel products.

We have the largest capacity in FT technology in the world, and a strong portfolio of FT-related patents.


Sasol launched an exciting new business, Sasol ecoFT, leveraging our 70-year long expertise in Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology to produce low carbon sustainable fuels and chemicals globally. While our technology will serve a range of sustainable product markets, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the application, where we can make a substantial difference, today, in this hard to abate industry sector. Industry and others, including environmental groups, consider SAF as the largest contributor to reduce GHG emissions in the aviation sector, especially for the medium and long-haul flights.


Sasol will be participating in various COP26 South Africa Pavilion webinars:

Date and time: Monday, 8 November 2021 16:00 – 18:00 GMT | 18:00 – 20:00 SAST

Event Title: South Africa: Entering the Global Green Hydrogen and X Fuels Production and Export Niche
Hosts: Northern Cape Economic Development, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (NCEDA) in partnership with The Presidency of South Africa and Sasol
RSVP: Please click here to register for this virtual Zoom event, and then add the link to your calendar.

Date and time: Tuesday, 9 November 2021 12:00 – 13:30 GMT | 14:00 – 15:30 SAST

Event Title: Session 3: CEO Roundtable Discussion: The Reality of the Energy Transition in South Africa, Financing, Economic and Social Factors to Consider
Hosts: Exxaro, Sasol and Eskom
RSVP: Please click here to register for this virtual Zoom event, and then add the link to your calendar.

Date and time: Tuesday, 9 November 2021 14:00 – 17:30 GMT | 16:00 – 19:30 SAST
Event Titles:

Session 4: Experiences from the Climate Finance Accelerator South Africa: The challenges and solutions for unlocking climate finance in South Africa (1hr)
(Host: National Business Initiative and CFA Core Team)
Session 5: From the Assessment of Transition Risk to the Closing of the Financing Gaps (1hr)
(Host: DBSA)

Session 6: SASOL: Key success factors to decarbonisation (30min)
(Host: SASOL)

Session 7: Exxaro Growth and Impact Strategy – Just Transition Impact Approach (30min)
(Host: EXXARO)

Session 8: Green Iron Production in South Africa – An opportunity to kick start South African participation in growing momentum of global sectoral decarbonisation of iron and steel making (30min)
(Host: IDDRI)

Hosts: National Business Initiative (NBI) and stakeholders
RSVP: Please click here to register for this virtual Zoom event, and then add the link to your calendar.


Date and time: Wednesday, 10 November 2021 | 13:00 – 14:30 SAST
Event Title:
Session 2: Unlocking South Africa’s green hydrogen potential – the need for public-private partnerships

RSVP: Please click here to register for this virtual Zoom event, and then add the link to your calendar.

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