fbpx Tip-Off considerations

Tip-Off considerations

1.    Are you making the report in good faith and with honest intentions?

  • Making a report of suspected ethical transgressions requires much responsibility from the reporter and it should only be made honestly and after due consideration.
  • Please make sure that you are informed about the Sasol whistle-blower policy.  You can find this in the Guide to the Application of Sasol’s Code of Conduct.

2.    Only ethical transgressions are to be reported to the Sasol EthicsLine.

  • Are you sure that what you want to report represents unethical behaviour and does it represent a clear transgression of the Sasol Code of Ethics?
  • Why do you think this represents an ethical transgression, rather than just inappropriate behaviour?

3.    Do you want to be totally anonymous, known to only the EthicsLine or also known to Sasol?

  • Totally anonymous: if more information is required from you it is very difficult for investigators to obtain that and the call may have to be closed without investigation.
  • Known to the EthicsLine: you remain anonymous to Sasol but provide your details to the EthicsLine so that they can contact you if Sasol requires any additional information which may assist in an investigation, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to proceed with.
  • Known to Sasol: you provide your details to the EthicsLine and give them permission to provide your details to Sasol.  This allows for a much better flow of communication if necessary.

4.    Remember to include as much detail as possible (this information is essential to be able to conduct an investigation);

  • The name of the business entity involved.
  • In which town and country is the area involved physically located?
  • The name(s) of the people, the nature of their involvement and their contact details.
  • When and where the incident took place.
  • How it occurred.
  • What specific evidence there is to the transgression and where it can be found
  • The details of any possible witnesses
  • An indication of how the incident came to your attention

5.    Do you have any fear of victimization and if so, why and by whom? 

6.    Indicate if the issue has been raised before. 

If yes

  • How were they raised and by whom?
  • With who or where were they raised?
  • How were the allegations handled?

If no

  • Why are you using the EthicsLine instead of other available channels? 
  • Is there a more suitable method of addressing the issue?

7.    What do you want to see happen as a result of the investigation into your report?   

Please click here to be transferred to the Tip-offs Anonymous website and to make a tip-off.

Please note that once you click on the link, you will be leaving the Sasol website and will be entering a secure website administered by Deloitte.