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The Sasol Whistle-blower Policy is intended to encourage all stakeholders who have dealings with Sasol to make call reports about any actual or suspected unethical conduct without fear of adverse consequences. Please see link to the Sasol Whistle-blower Policy

Unethical conduct and transgression of the Code of Conduct should be reported timeously and dealt with through the appropriate mechanisms. If you become aware of a circumstance or action that appears to violate the Sasol Values, Code of Conduct, Sasol policies or laws we are subject to, or any human rights violations you should contact the Sasol EthicsLine.

You can  contact the Sasol EthicsLine to report unethical behaviour by calling any of the following numbers:

  • Canada: 1855 421 8968
  • China: 400 120 3284
  • Germany: 0800 183 0965
  • Italy: 800 974 741
  • Mozambique: 800 112 233 Toll free when using TDM network 800 333 312 Toll free when using Vodacom network
  • Singapore: 1800 216 3302
  • South Africa: 0800 016 017 (toll free)
  • USA: 1800 489 1727
  • United Kingdom: 0800 032 4498.

Or in writing using the following details:

Call Reports can be made in different languages, including English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa, Pedi, Venda, Tswana, SiSwati, Ndebele, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian and German.

Non-Retaliation and confidentiality

Sasol strictly prohibit any form of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or victimisation against a reporter who in good faith makes a report or raises a concern that he or she reasonably believes to be a violation of Sasol’s Code of Conduct. Retaliation against employees is prohibited even if their reports or concerns are proven unfounded by an investigation.

Should anyone within Sasol attempt to retaliate against or victimise a reporter for speaking up and making a report in good faith then such person will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Any reporter or witness who suspects that they are being victimised or retaliated against as a result of having made an ethics report, or for assisting in an investigation, should immediately make another ethics call report providing all the details of the alleged victimisation or retaliation.

Everyone who deals with the ethics call reports and the investigation thereof are bound by strict confidentiality obligations. If you make a call report, you may elect to remain anonymous.