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Sasol at COP27

Sasol is participating in COP28, supporting the South African government's climate change objectives. Our approach to tackling climate change is deeply rooted in our prioritised Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to generate triple-bottom-line value.

We are supportive of the South African government's pledge to fulfill the country's climate objectives in an equitable manner. At Sasol, we envision a clear role in aiding the nation's efforts by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Simultaneously, we are advocating for action to propel growth in the gas and green hydrogen sectors. Our transition strategy acknowledges the need to address poverty, unemployment, and inequality, ensuring a sustainable and thriving South Africa.



Navigating the complexities within South Africa's challenges necessitates strong collaboration with stakeholders. We prioritise partnerships with various entities, including business formations, state-owned enterprises, and private-sector organisations.

Recognising the urgency, Sasol endorses the call for a Global Goal on Adaptation. We collaborate closely with local authorities, NGOs, and communities to promote climate change adaptation and fortify resilience against extreme weather events.

Our commitment to climate action is unwavering. We acknowledge the imperative to curtail GHG emissions in support of the Paris Agreement's temperature goals. In 2021, Sasol responded affirmatively by elevating our 2030 reduction target and committing to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Sasol's approach to decarbonisation is centered on managing climate risks while leveraging opportunities for shared value creation through our just transition roadmap. Climate change management is seamlessly integrated into our portfolio analysis and decision-making processes.

Our vision extends to fostering resilient and inclusive societies, particularly in the regions where we operate. Sasol's just transition roadmap outlines a series of phased steps aimed at facilitating a holistic transition. This strategy aims to maximise social and economic opportunities while minimising disruptions. (@NBISA) (National Business Initiative) (National Business Initiative) (NBI South Africa)



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